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Keeping you safe on the road

Car brakes are one item that you simply can’t ignore. They help you to slow down and stop when needed.

The brakes on your car are quite complicated and involve wear and tear items. Over time and with mileage, the performance of your car brakes may be reduced. It’s often gradual and you may not even notice until you need to stop in an emergency

To book a free car brake check, call 0808 274 5186

What do our experts check for?

Our trained technicians will check both the front and rear car brakes, the condition of the brake discs and pads and give you an accurate and fair assessment of when they might need changing.

Common signs of problems can include: a grinding noise when braking; the vehicle judders when the car brakes are applied or the car pulls to either the left or right on heavy braking.

Don’t take a chance with your car brakes. With our free check, you don’t have to.

As with all car parts, brakes will need replacing over time. The diagram to the right explains the deterioration of brakes and is a guide as to when they should be replaced.

Brake pad replacement


Brake pad and disc replacement


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