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Stock Alerts: Car Finder Service

Be the first to know when your ideal car arrives with an email stock alert set up in 4 easy steps!

Why am I seeing this?

We are sorry - your search criteria were too narrow and did not produce any results.

Please adjust the advanced search criteria above to produce more results for you to choose from.

Alternatively, why not set up a stock alert? Your search criteria are already set up, so all you have to do is fill in your email address, choose an alert frequency and a name for the alert - see below.

Create a stock alert

The stock alert was created successfully.
Sorry; an unexpected error means the stock alert was not created. Please try again later.

Receiving stock alerts

All your matching daily alerts will arrive in a single email no more than once per day. Your immediate alerts will arrive whenever new stock arrives that matches your criteria.

Stock alerts automatically expire after 90 days.

Here is an example of a stock alert email.

Receiving multiple stock alerts

You can set up multiple stock alerts to catch different types of vehicle as they come into stock and you can stop the alerts at any time too. This ensures that not only do you see your ideal cars come into stock as soon as we know about them. You also have the control that keeps your email inbox tidy.

Receiving stock alerts

Stopping stock alerts

If you have multiple stock alerts running you have the ability to stop all of them or just one of them.

If you wish to stop just one of the stock alerts, navigate to the right of the yellow stock alert title bar that corresponds to the alert that you wish to stop and click the link that says “Remove Stock Alert”. If you wish to stop all of them navigate to the bottom of any stock alert email and click the link that says "Remove all stock alerts". You will be forwarded to a page within the CarShop website that will confirm that you have stopped the stock alerts.

Removing stock alerts

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