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Dealer Tricks

Part exchanging your old car at some dealerships can be a bit like playing poker with a seasoned pro. Unless you know when they're bluffing and can read their tells you won't know how to play your hand. Here are the part-ex games some dealers play:

1. How much do you think your car is worth?

Seems like an innocuous enough question, doesn't it? Don't you believe it. If a car buyer underestimates the value of their trade-in then that's what the dealer will offer, even if the true value is hundreds of pounds more.

The CarShop difference

We won't ask how much you think your car is worth. Instead, we'll use the leading trade price guide and a thorough examination of the vehicle to determine a fair price.

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2. Giving with one hand, taking away with the other

Disappointed with the valuation on your part-ex? Some dealers may be prepared pay more than they really think your car is worth, but don't expect them to offer a discount on the inflated asking price of the car you're buying. Likewise if you get a healthy discount on your next car, dealers will use this as an excuse to pay rock-bottom for your part ex.

The CarShop difference

We won't rob Peter to pay Paul. There's no haggling on the price of the car you buy, because our cars are already priced as low as they can be with our Price Match Promise. Once our Consultant Manager has checked over your car we make a fixed part-ex offer that's valid for seven days. We guarantee a fair price with no need to barter or negotiate.

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3. There's not much call for those any more

Watch out for dealers who are quick to put down your trade in, exaggerating every slight blemish and scratch and looking for any excuse to push down their valuation.

The CarShop difference

Our final valuation of your car will take account of its mechanical condition and physical appearance, but we understand that cars don't look factory fresh after several years on the road. We won't suck our teeth, mutter vaguely or shake our heads. Our Consultant Manager will explain exactly how we've reached our part-ex valuation and why we believe it is fair.

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4. Phone a friend

Many car dealers have a tame used car dealer nearby who takes unwanted trade-ins of their hands. There's nothing wrong with that, so long as that dealer wants your car. But if you're part exchanging a blue Ford Mondeo diesel, and the back-street dealer already has two blue Ford Mondeo diesels sitting on their forecourt, they won't offer a fair price for your car. You could end up getting much less than your car is worth.

The CarShop difference

We don't ring a local trader before setting our part-ex offer. Our valuation is determined by checking the value of your car in the leading trade guide, and an in-depth examination by a Consultant Manager. We offer the true market value of the car, not what Arthur Daley around the corner is prepared to pay us.

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