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Here's another one of our hidden gems...

To keep your car's paintwork in mint condition we recommend that you protect it with GardX, a world-class vehicle protection system with Nano technology - rivalled by none.

You probably know the havoc road salt, acid rain, UV rays and other atmospheric pollutants can play with your paintwork, but did you know that manufacturers now have to use environmentally-friendly water-based paints, which are far more prone to fading and oxidation?

While wax won't last, GardX creates a highly resilient 4-layer protective coating to keep your paintwork sparkling for miles longer. But it isn’t just about being beautiful on the outside! This fantastic protection system also comes with ‘Stain Guard’, a solution specifically designed to keep your interior in tip-top shape. What’s more, GardX comes with a LIFETIME guarantee giving you complete peace of mind - it really is that good!

We offer the ultimate vehicle paint and interior protection system, to maintain showroom condition and safeguard your future part exchange price. For a complete overview of the benefits GardX brings please watch our demonstration video by clicking the link below or, speak to one of our Customer Consultants in-store and they'll be happy to give you the lowdown on this great product!

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