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Keeping you safe on the road
The performance of your car tyres is something you can’t ignore, they literally keep you on the road in all weathers and conditions. At CarShop, our trained technicians know exactly what to look for; we source most sizes of car tyres from budget to premium brands for most cars and all at the lowest prices. Should you want specific winter or summer new car tyres we can get these too.

Trust CarShop to keep you on the road for less.
To talk about tyres, call 0800 781 7785*

We'll inspect your tyres for FREE and give you a condition report

Tyre replacement from only

Our trained technicians will accurately assess all of your car tyres (including the spare!) and even the wheel alignment to ensure everything is both safe and legal. Should replacements be required, we will advise on the correct tyres for your vehicle and budget.
We source most sizes of tyres from budget to premium brands and all at the lowest prices.
Tyre stopping distances The age and tread depth of your tyres can affect your braking performance in adverse weather conditions. Uneven wear of tyres can also be the fi rst warning sign of excessive suspension wear or problems with the steering system.

Don’t forget that the legal limit is 1.6mm across the width of the tyre. However, after 3mm of wear, braking performance reduces substantially and it will take longer for your vehicle to stop, particularly in the wet.

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