Honda vs Toyota: excellent cars from Japan

When it comes to reliable cars full of gadgets, Japanese car manufacturers are king. The two names you probably know best are Honda and Toyota.

The traits that really define Japanese cars are their reliability, it's often said that you can more or less double the mileage you can get out of a car from this Far Eastern country compared to the west. Then there are the electronics, Japanese cars are very well known for having excellent electric extras included.

When it comes to the kinds of brands to go for, Honda and Toyota are very well known for being among the best of the best car manufacturers from Japan. From city cars, to saloons to SUVs, these two fantastic brands have an excellent selection to suit you and Car Shop has a wide stock of these. The question is, which brand will you choose?

Toyota Yaris vs Honda Jazz

Both brands have their own super mini, a perfect option for drivers who want something compact if they are not confident with parking or need to navigate tight roads throughout the city. Toyota has its Yaris while Honda has the Jazz, both of which are great for this purpose.

Each of these cars is a hatchback and comes with a choice of petrol or hybrid engines and there is also a diesel option for the Toyota supermini. In the Yaris, options range from a 1.0-litre to a 1.5-litre, while in the Jazz they range from a 1.2-litre to a 1.4-litre. Depending on the type of engine you opt for, you may also get a choice between automatic and manual transmission.

Most versions of these cars have five-doors, except for the Toyota Yaris 1.0 VVT-i Active that has only three doors. So in that respect, they generally solve one of the problems that superminis have when it comes to transporting passengers around.

Among the extras that can be selected and that make the Yaris desirable are its alloy wheels, air con and touch-screen stereo system with bluetooth and a reversing camera. Meanwhile, the Jazz enjoys such extras as alloy wheels and automatic climate control.

Honda Accord vs Toyota Avensis

For someone who wants a car that looks rather business-like but for a lower price tag and higher practicality than a luxury car then the Toyota Avensis or the Honda Accord is the perfect option.

These saloon cars have a choice of diesel or petrol options that are varied in size. With engines between 1.8-litres and 2.2-litres offer, you know you will be getting plenty of power when sat behind the wheel of one of these. However, how much power you get could be affected by the type of gearbox you choose; manual transmission generally means you will get more out of your car in this way.

While neither look as stylish as luxury cars, both are an excellent choice for use in the real world as they are fuel efficient and comfortable.

Both of these cars also come with an array of gadgets, depending on what trim you opt for. Among the extras you can get in these cars is bluetooth and dual climate control.

Toyota Rav 4 vs Honda CR-V

There is also the Toyota Rav 4 and the Honda CR-V for those who want an SUV, whether that is because they are an adventurer who wants to drive off road to a camping trip or just so they can transport their family around.

In both cars, you can choose between diesel or petrol engines. The Rav 4 engines range from 2.0 litres to 2.2 litres, while the ones in the CR-V range from 1.6 litres to 2.2 litres. If you prefer, you can also choose between manual or automatic transmission, although there are more limited options for this in the Rav 4.

What characterises both these cars is that while they both have a high ride, they are both not particularly long. This makes them particularly easy to manoeuvre compared to a number of other 4x4s and crossover-SUVs. In spite of this, they are both spacious on the interior, which means that you and your passengers - or your camping gear - have plenty of room.

  • On: 28 July 2014
  • By: CarShop

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