Great car-related websites for coffee-break browsing

Great car-related websites for coffee-break browsing

Many of us have been there, feeling the urge to replenish our car thirst for a few minutes as we sip the lovely cup of coffee or whatever else it is we’ve just made. The internet is littered with thousands of car websites, some better than others, so we thought we’d provide a few suggestions that can be dipped in and out of.

This website has been around for a few years, but its focus will make it one worth visiting for many more years to come. It’s powered by data from the DVLA and allows you to search for all manner of cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles, to see how many of a specific make and model still exists in the UK. To be in the database and hence searchable on, a vehicle needs to have either a valid road tax or a SORN notice to say it’s off-road.

The results really can be quite fascinating. Let’s look at a few examples, starting with the rare MG ZT (and ZT-T estate) 260 with its V8 Mustang engine. How rare is rare in its case? Totting up the numbers, 399 are registered in the UK. Searching for the BMW Z8 as driven by Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond film ‘The World Is Not Enough’ reveals only 68 exist in the UK. When it comes to popular cars such as the Ford Fiesta, you will unsurprisingly find there are loads registered in the UK; it may give you a headache totalling the 12 pages of results together. One of the really interesting things about the data, is you can drill down to specific trims and editions of models, as the DVLA lists them separately. This means if your uncle drove a Fiesta Chianti many moons ago, you can search specifically and find there are 29 of them. Searching for the Fiesta Ghia, though, brings up over 60,000, as you would expect. So there you have it – a fascinating site which will give you plenty of figures to interest your friends with!

Wrecked Exotics

We guess two types of reactions will likely result from visiting this site – tears and dismay from people who love supercars, or cheers and jibes from those who think such cars are brash, and don’t have a place on our roads. Either way, this website is definitely an eye-opener and features some unmissable headlines, such as ‘Girl crashes chrome-wrapped Lamborghini that parents bought’ and ‘Crashed after trying to show off to patrons at a nearby restaurant’.

The website’s operators say they “don’t cater to a crowd who enjoy witnessing the pain of their fellow man”, describing their site as “a place people visit to enjoy the unspoken beauty of wrecked exotic cars, proving that art in this world isn't limited to what we see in nature or on pedestals in the galleries”. They also have a responsible streak, their message ending with the sentiments “In the end, it's our hope these photos make you think twice about driving your cars recklessly”.

Petrol Prices

Saving us motorists from having to waste fuel and time, driving around until we find the cheapest forecourts in our local areas, this website does the hard work for us. Its postcode search, which it claims covers all filling stations throughout the UK, is said to be updated over 8,000 times a day. According to a recent Admiral Insurance study, the findings of which have been published on, East Anglia was the most expensive region in which to buy fuel.


It’s free to register with, which will allow you to pinpoint the cheapest fuel closest to you. The operators reckon people on average save £2 each time they fill their vehicles with fuel, which all adds up over the course of a year. Despite the site’s name, they cover diesel and LPG as well. What’s really useful, is the ability to sign up for email alerts, which send you an email as often as you wish, even daily, informing you of fuel price changes in your local area.

  • On: 20 October 2014
  • By: CarShop

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