Car of the Month: BMW 3-Series

Car of the Month: BMW 3-Series

Which model has been produced since the mid-1970s, accounts for a third of all of the parent marque’s sales and has long been considered the leader in its class, any rivals being left seemingly helpless in stealing its crown? It’s the BMW 3-Series.

Like most manufacturers, BMW give their models internal code names, E90 being the one assigned to the fifth generation BMW 3-Series, which was made between 2005 and 2011. It proved enormously successful around the world, reinforcing its image as the ultimate compact executive car to be seen in - and perhaps more importantly, to drive. It’s not often that the majority of media outlets and reviewers all sing in unison about a car’s excellence, which is something they certainly did when this version of the 3-Series came along.

Apart from the interior being slightly uninspiring for some buyers who prefer radical flair, and a few optional extras coming as standard with rival cars, the 3-Series dominated in every other way. As ever, a whole swathe of engine choices was offered, spanning petrol engines ranging from the sensible to the monstrous in the case of the M3, and diesel engines including the 318d, fantastic 335d and the one which was unarguably the most popular especially amongst corporate buyers, the fantastically economical 320d EfficientDynamics. BMW produced an estate (sorry, “Touring”) version (E91), an E92 coupe and an E93 hardtop convertible version of the fifth generation 3-Series.

This generation of the BMW 3-Series presents itself as a superb used car choice and at CarShop we have an unmissable selection of 2-to-4-years-old examples available.

The sixth and latest generation 3-Series, which BMW decided to codename the F30, arrived in 2012. Our news author was there at a launch event and could sense the excitement. The press couldn’t get enough of it, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond commenting that this “latest iteration of the BMW 3-Series is possibly the best car ever made”. Writing in the Mirror, he desperately tried to find fault with the latest 3-Series, but couldn’t. He described the 320d Efficient Dynamics as “one of the nicest Threes to drive in decades; nippy, light on its feet and, with 163bhp, fast enough”, then adding it “handles amazingly with a seriously comfortable ride, very ­accurate steering, very little body roll and lots of grip”.

The new and rather fabulous, large, colour infotainment screen is much easier to use than the early iDrive systems and people are often impressed with the amount of leg and headroom on offer in the back, making it a great car for families or even executive chauffeur buyers.

If you’ve set your mind and heart on a 3-Series, whether it’s the previous version or the latest, you’ve certainly got great taste and will be delighted with your choice. What’s more, well-cared-for BMW 3-Series’ are known both for proving very reliable and for holding their value well. Don’t delay – browse CarShop’s comprehensive selection and our friendly experts will be only too happy to assist.

  • On: 10 November 2014
  • By: CarShop

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