Headlight eyelashes, fluffy dice and noisy exhausts were today revealed as the top three most hated car accessories in the UK, with over 70% of drivers claiming their hatred for the eyelashes.

The hideous black lashes, inspired by the trend for women wearing eyelash extensions, beat fluffy dice and spoilers to claim the title, in a survey commissioned by used car retailer, CarShop.  Also making the top ten list of most hated car accessories were novelty horns (58%), ‘Powered by Fairy Dust’ stickers (58%) and nodding dogs (47%).

CarShop conducted the survey of 2,000 UK drivers in order to help car buyers and sellers better understand how accessories can impact the value of a car, as well as educating on car depreciation and how to avoid devaluing a car.

When asked what defined a ‘bad taste’ car accessory, spoilers, subwoofers, steering wheel covers all made the top ten, as did racer seatbelts, chrome gearknobs, novelty sun shades and tinted windows. 93% of respondents admitted to never buying a car with ‘bad taste’ car accessories, with a further 40% even admitting that they may be inclined to dump someone who showed up with a newly attached car accessory!

Less than half (42%) of the 2,000 drivers surveyed, thought that car accessories could affect the value of car, however out of those guilty of kitting their car out with tasteless accessories, 30% admitted to regretting their accessory choices. 9 out of 10 drivers (93%) claimed to have never bought a car with bad taste accessories, whilst 75% of respondents believe people only use accessories because ‘they think it looks good’.

Top Ten most hated car accessories:

  1. Headlight eyelashes (72%)
  2. Fluffy Dice (66%)
  3. Noisy Exhausts (64%)
  4. Novelty Horns (58%)
  5. ‘Powered by Fairy Dust’ stickers or similar (58%)
  6. Lights under car (51%)
  7. Nodding Dogs (47%)
  8. Flags (46%)
  9. Subwoofers (40%)
  10. Steering wheel covers (39%)

John Ruskin, car expert and spokesperson at CarShop, said: ‘Car depreciation can be heavily affected by accessories; yet people often kit out their vehicles without consideration on how this may affect the value when trying to sell. Alloy wheels are the most popular ‘bad taste’ accessory, with 30% of people’s family and friends having modified alloys. However, inappropriate-sized alloy rims or wheels with low-profile tires can massively decrease the value of a car when trying to sell.

‘Navigation systems, in-car DVD ‘infotainment’ systems and appropriate body kits such as step-bars, brush-guards and fog lights are all considered to add value to a vehicle when attempting to sell’, commented Ruskin, ‘however overpowered stereos, huge speakers and low quality interiors are all factors that are likely to decrease the car’s value.’ 

When buying a used car, other factors that are considered to lower the value of the vehicle and put potential buyers off is the use of superchargers or turbochargers, as these imply to a potential buyer that the car has been driven hard or aggressively by the previous owner – illegal window tinting is also a no go for most buyers when looking to purchase a new car. Cars that have been lowered by modified suspension kits can also invalidate insurance covers or claims so should be avoided. 

CarShop is the UK’s leading car supermarket group, and is dedicated to providing expert advice and offering customers the very best car-buying experience from start to finish, ensuring buyers always get the best value.  CarShop.co.uk allows customers to reserve and collect from any of its five UK stores, or will even deliver the car to your door. Find out more on our website.

  • On: 10 July 2013
  • By: CarShop

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