Bentley Bottom of the Bunch

Bentley Bottom of the Bunch

Bentley. It is one the world’s prestigious motoring manufacturers with an incredible level of attention to detail used to develop and construct every component.  The sharp looks, the latest in touchscreen technology, the dynamic interior and its capability of astonishing performance all sound like a recipe only created in motoring heaven. There is a lot on offer with the £123,000 standard asking price but, along with the gizmos and gadgets, there seems to be a bottle of water and a packet of ibuprofen amongst the specifications.

In a recent study, there seems to be a lot of motorists who suggest that prestige car manufacturers cause more headaches than any others. The respected British marque finds itself at the bottom of an annual index that ranks cars by their reliability; accompanied by German fast lane hugger’s Porsche and Audi who are both matching up with Bentley’s low reliability standings. Surprisingly, it appears that considering entries from The Far East could be a better choice when it comes down to car reliability.



The Far East occupy the top 3 spots in the rankings with Japanese manufacturers Suzuki taking third, and Toyota taking a respectable second. The top spot honours went to Honda who was crowned the most reliable manufacturer for the ninth year in a row. You could say that The Far East’s reliability success comes down to their low failure rates. Nevertheless, these cars will have their moments, but the upside to this is that when things do go wrong, the cars are also reasonably cheap to fix. Pinpointing Honda’s accomplishment, the Honda Jazz top trumped all other car models with the Jazz’s durability and it’s relatively modest average repair cost being seen as key attributes to buyers.



The luxury marques of the motoring world are said to have components designed to stand out from the rest of the crowd. When they work, they are what create a world-beating car. But when these go wrong the repairs can be expensive, and parts difficult and time consuming to source resulting in Porsche, Bentley and Audi finding them at the bottom of the table. On average, a Honda’s repair bill could reach £335.87, while the cost for a Bentley was £678.50 and for a Porsche £784.71. The least reliable model from every other model was identified as being the Audi RS6 which was also the most costly to fix, with an average repair bill of £1,003.

With the government constantly making changes to the cost of living, our money needs to be stretched out further as the last thing people need is a car that costs them money they don’t have. It is advised that consumers thoroughly research their future purchases. Be wise and ask yourself if the car you’ve been looking at is going to be worth it. Maybe the spec a level down could be better? Maybe another car could be more beneficial for the future?  Whatever it may be, making the wrong decision could land you in trouble, and leave you with a car that causes you nothing but distress and financial difficulties.



  • On: 23 April 2015
  • By: CarShop

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