Let?s Share the Road this summer

Let?s Share the Road this summer

Motorists and cyclists are always battling for the same piece of tarmac; one feeling that it should be their right to be on the road, with the other feeling that the path would be a more ideal place to be. With the government setting up schemes to promote healthier journeys and to reduce environmental pollution, there has been an increase of cyclists taking to the roads. Mintel sourced in 2014 that UK bike sales have seen a 14 per cent increase in the space of five years, from £639 million in 2008 to £745 million in 2013.

This may have been influenced by the huge success that Great Britain achieved in the London 2012 Olympic Games, where the likes of Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton became household names. With the Tour of Britain going from strength-to-strength over the past decade, and the prestigious Tour de France coming to the UK shores in recent years, cycling has exploded onto everyone’s radar all of a sudden.

With the warmer days and longer evenings that summer tends to bring along with it, we all need to learn to share the road. CarShop have therefore teamed up with the Eastern Daily Press’ Summer of Cycling to help promote a safer and a more enjoyable Norfolk for its cyclists over the up and coming summer. With an array of organised events taking place all over Norfolk, from the avid cyclist to the beginner, these outings should encourage more of us to get out on our bikes to enjoy the local surroundings that Norfolk has to offer. In the long run, we all want to raise the awareness of cyclist’s safety and reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists.



It is not far from the truth that cycling in Britain is often perceived as dangerous but there has seen to be a vast fall in the number of deaths among cyclists over the past 80 years. This still does not eradicate the danger on the road for cyclists, and both cyclists and drivers need to do more to keep each other safe. It is said that 80% of cyclists hold a driving licence with one 1 in 5 drivers taking to two wheels at least once a month. “Let’s Share The Road” is the campaign Carshop wants to promote, and if we can all do this then it will lead to the road becoming a safer place for all it’s users.

It is important to remember that taking part in these events should be considered to be done as safely as possible. If participants are thinking of riding to these events, the correct equipment should be worn and used with plenty of time to get them to the event.  To the others using a vehicle to get them to the events, ensure the correct equipment is packed so that on arrival the day is as safe and as comfortable as it can be for participants.

Most importantly, all cyclists and drivers heading to the same event need to provide respect for one another. Cyclists should look and clearly signal to show drivers what they plan to do and to always make eye contact where possible so they are aware that drivers have seen them. Drivers should give cyclists plenty of space and if there isn’t sufficient space to pass, to hold back until an appropriate place comes along to pass.

  • On: 19 May 2015
  • By: CarShop

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