Scoring the £20,000 Academy Jackpot at CarShop Norwich

Scoring the £20,000 Academy Jackpot at CarShop Norwich

Although the rain may have been cascading down and thumping on the roof of CarShops Norwich store; but inside, the bright smile of David Whitmore lit up the showroom as he came to collect his winnings. Mr. Whitmore was the lucky winner of the 2015 Norwich City Football Club £20,000 Academy Jackpot.

The Academy Jackpot, sponsored by CarShop, gives Norwich City Football Club supporters the chance to win monthly prizes up to £1000, and a grand prize of £20,000 at the end of the season. All profits raised from the Academy Jackpot go directly toward supporting the Norwich City Football Club Academy. And due to the close partnership between the Academy Jackpot and CarShop, CarShop Norwich has become the official handover site of the £20,000 cheque for the winner.

As an avid Norwich City supporter, Mr. Whitmores excitement could not be contained as he walked through the stores front entrance, where he was greeted by Operations Manager Michelle Munns. A beaming smile was on show as he was handed with a bottle of champagne, a congratulations card and the all-important £20,000 cheque. Joined by Norwich City Football Club Head of Retail, Stephen Balmer-Walters, Mr. Whitmore became the focal point for the afternoon as he posed for pictures and was treated to a lunchtime buffet that was catered for the special occasion.

Managing to speak to Mr. Whitmore, the archaeologist stated:

I had no idea Id won. I enter into the draw to support the Academy. Me and my boy went to watch the last game of the season and I was reading my newspaper at halftime when my son starting nudging me and shouting. If he wasnt there with me, I probably wouldnt of noticed.

Im over the moon. I didnt expect this and it comes as a massive surprise to me and my family. My son is a keen guitar player and has been in need of a new one for some time, so hell be taking me down to the shop soon. Some of the winnings will come in handy for decorating the house for me and my wife and I plan to go to America for a while. I will also be able to renew my season ticket for the club (Norwich City FC) as I was getting a little worried about that for next season. And of course, getting a hold of Wembley tickets for the big day on Monday will be key.

Finally, Mr. Whitmore finished off by telling CarShop something remarkable and quite humbling;

The money wont be all spent of me though as I will be providing £2,000 to charity as I feel that it is right to give some back. I give away 10% of my income to charity anyway so being able to hand over more is something I feel is worthwhile.

The CarShop team commented on how they wish Mr. Whitmore the best of luck for the future and hope he enjoys his winnings.

Its the second year running that CarShop has taken up the opportunity to be the official sponsors of the Norwich City Football Club Academy Jackpot. Following on from tremendous success of the previous season, CarShop are looking to run a competition to give local children the opportunity to attend a training day at Norwich Citys Carrow Road Stadium. This will be held in conjunction with the Norwich City Football Club Academy Jackpot and The Forum Norwich in July. 

  • On: 20 May 2015
  • By: CarShop

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