Peace of Mind on Your Travels This Summer

Peace of Mind on Your Travels This Summer

It is fair to say that summer is making its approach and due to touchdown with temperatures rising over the next few weeks. The jackets, gloves, wellingtons, unless you’re heading to Glastonbury, have all been packed away and are now being replaced by the traditional summer attire.

As the warmer days draw in, many motorists over the up and coming months will be taking to the road as they descend on the holiday campsites, to get away from the nine-to-five for a while. Whether this being on the shores of the UK, or venturing over the water to view mainland Europe, it results in hours, sometimes days sitting behind the wheel. Hours behind the wheel which can become torture when the younger companions start using the all too common phrase, “Are we there yet?” As much as you reply, “Almost there”, guilt starts to sink in as the Sat Nav displays three hours until you reach your destination.

No need to panic though as CarShop have provided a pre-journey checklist for you to take away and use so you’ll be able to find the suitable backseat entertainment for the younger vacationers. 

·         The classic travel games are still available in many forms, such as Connect Four, Battleship, and Chess.

·         Audio books could be a peacekeeper as more and more youngsters seem to be getting caught up in their magical, fantasy, fire breathing dragon story books these days.  These can be played through a portable MP3 player for one to enjoy, or can be played through the car speakers for everyone to enjoy.

·         Become Shakespeare for the journey and tell them a story. Or get the kids involved and get them to tell a story. 

·         5,000 British parents were contacted by Disney who researchers have said that 80 per cent of them admitting to handing a child an iPad or equivalent to stop them getting bored on long journeys. It is a pricey option but with a tablet device offering multiple options to your angels such as books, films, and games, a mist of contentment should descend over the car.

·         Another expensive, but eardrum bursting saver would be the purchase of a portable DVD player with the ability of the children being able to bring along the films or cartoons they love at home.

·         Technology seems to be the winner with the solution to long journey entertainment but there was a time where the good old word game would prove to be a tradition of all long journeys.  I-Spy, Word Association or Twenty Questions will keep them pleased.

·         Eating in the car is forbidden; especially when there is chocolate, 4-year-old Tommy and a BMW X5 involved. But snacks are also essential to make any car journey pass with the minimum of fuss and instead of giving Tommy some chocolate, provide him with nutritious foods that take a while to eat and will keep his belly full for a long time, such as raisins or bananas.

Many cars these days come standard with in-built entertainment systems as the latest technology advancements seem to be taking over the world. Here at CarShop we have an array of cars that are suitable for families that come with the latest technology features that can serve a purpose for the little ones such as built-in DVD Player with TV screens to built-in USB ports for charging up a hand-held tablet device, or a mobile phone.

These types of commodities do not just serve a purpose for the children; they serve a purpose for the big kids too. Technology to make mum and dad say “Wow!” with specifications such as built-in Satellite Navigation system, Bluetooth, parking sensors, high quality audio systems, and even self-parking systems are some of the features that can be found on the cars at CarShop.

Take a look today on our awarding winning website, or pop down to one of CarShop’s fantastic stores.



  • On: 23 June 2015
  • By: CarShop

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