Survey Reveals Cold & Impatient Motorists

Survey Reveals Cold & Impatient Motorists

With the UK recovering from a recent cold snap, and the news of storms bringing rain and strong winds too, the tell-tale signs of winter announcing its arrival are officially being recognised. At CarShop we were interested as to whether people were prepared, so we ran a short survey.

The results are interesting indicating a number of respondents aren’t as prepared as they could be for driving in these colder and harsher conditions. It should be common knowledge that the law states that windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision. If not obliged, a fixed penalty fine of up to £2,500, plus an additional 3 points can be put onto your licence.

With that in mind, our survey showed that 22.2% of respondents are not giving themselves the adequate time on their journeys to clear windscreens and windows; just driving off in the hope that the glass will clear quickly as the engine heats up. However, it was reassuring to see that nearly 80% of people did give themselves enough time.

It is important to make your journey as safe and as comfortable for you as possible. Many drivers are simply not ready for when the colder weather hits, and 30% of respondents did not feel comfortable at the wheel when driving in colder conditions. Is it because they are not giving themselves enough time to properly prepare before setting off?

Cars these days are tested in extreme of conditions, with latest models being tested up in the Arctic Circle at minus forty degrees for instance. But there is always a possibility of vehicles not functioning properly even at just a few degrees below zero. Or, there is always a chance of heavy snowfall turning motorways into a standstill, and drivers becoming cocooned in snow and with their vehicles becoming rooms for the night until rescue arrives.

Carrying a set of spare clothes and a blanket in your vehicle is advised for the winter months, just in case any situation arises like the ones mentioned above. That’s said, our survey found that only 30% of people follow this advice making the other 70% quite venerable to the elements. With winter far from over, and the possibility of another cold front hitting the UK highly possible, maybe we should all store something warm within our vehicles just in case the unfortunate happens.

Okay, looking after your car can be tricky especially if you've got a million things on your plate or if you're not really sure what you're doing. But it is always handy to put your vehicle in for a winter check-up to make sure your it is up for the fight when the tough gets going. Pleasingly 70% of people already claim to take their car in for a winter check-up; if you haven’t already done so, these checks can be carried out at all CarShop Service Centres, and if you fancy booking yourself in, simply call us or visit

Another great finding from the survey was that 60% of respondents carry utensils for when the cold conditions do ascend on our vehicles such a can of de-icer, a handy ice scraper and even a torch. Remember, these are usually pretty cheap and can be found at all major automotive retailers and supermarkets.

It may seem meaningless to follow these procedures, but it can really create a safer and more comfortable journey for everyone on the road this time of year. Driving is essential for many of us, and we at CarShop want to see as many people as possible get through the winter months safely. 

  • On: 27 January 2016
  • By: CarShop

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