Drivers encouraged to ensure mechanics are qualified

The IMI is calling on drivers to check that the mechanics they go to are fully qualified.

Article body: Drivers are being encouraged to check that their mechanics are fully qualified to avoid a bill for substandard repairs and maintenance to their vehicle.

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) said that while approximately 175,000 people in the UK work as automotive technicians, it has only managed to verify roughly 27,000 as being fully qualified for the role they work in. It blames the fact that there is little licensing within the automotive sector for this.

Chief executive of the IMI Steve Nash said: “Many drivers will be unaware that the motor industry is unregulated and that anyone can set themselves up to work on cars.  However, the reality is that just because someone is employed in a workshop, does not necessarily mean that they have the skills and expertise to carry out maintenance and repairs correctly, or indeed safely.”

Recently, IMI set up its Professional Register, with backing from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, to list qualified individuals across the automotive sector. The list, which is free for members of the public to access, contains 40,000 people from a range of roles in the industry, of which IMI says three quarters hold technical roles.

It allows people onto the list if it can verify that they have the appropriate experience, continue to keep their skills up to date and are committed to working ethically. IMI hopes that the register can be extended to 50,000 workers by 2014.

In addition to checking the register, there are also other methods for people to ensure that a mechanic will deliver a high standard of repairs and maintenance.

Check to see if the mechanic has the appropriate qualifications and certifications for the role, this can include accreditation from the Automotive Technician Accreditation for a mechanic or the Automotive Management Accreditation for a manager.

Additionally, ask others and read reviews about the mechanic. If they have a good reputation in the local area then they are likely to consistently deliver a good service.


  • On: 03 December 2013
  • By: CarShop

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