Sponsor: Norwich City Football Club's Youth Academy Jackpot, pays out big to one lucky winner!

Sponsor: Norwich City Football Club's Youth Academy Jackpot, pays out big to one lucky winner!

With our CarShop store in Norwich, sponsoring the Youth Academy Jackpot (run by the Norwich City Football Club) was a no-brainer!

Every six months, one lucky participant wins a massive £15,000 in the Jackpot and, in December 2017, Ken Macro did just that.

He said: “I didn’t believe it. I thought my mate Richard was having me on.

“We were talking about it the week before, so I thought he got someone to phone up and pull my leg.”

Phil Grey, Lotteries Manager at Norwich City Football Club, had called Ken to deliver the good news and was hung up on to begin with.

Phil said: “I had to go to his house with the cheque as he didn’t believe me.

“His wife was meant to go out, but she stayed in just to see [the cheque.]”

But that still wasn’t enough proof for Ken, after Phil had delivered the cheque, Ken rang the club to confirm that it was real.

Mr Macro, 71, said: “I’ve only been doing the Jackpot for three seasons, but I’ve been watching Norwich since I was 10.”

He was still slightly overwhelmed when asked what he was going to do with the cash, but Ken assured us that there would be house improvements, a holiday with the wife, and he was “sure the grandkids would have something to say about it.”

The Youth Academy Jackpot supports people from the ages of 6-22 to realise their dreams. Many children want to become a footballer but need the training and preparation as well as an education.

Mr Grey said: “At the moment the Academy is a category 1, which means we can help children from all over the country.

“We give them private schooling as well as an opportunity to reach their ambition.”

CarShop is the biggest sponsor of the Youth Academy Jackpot and is proud to offer children from all over the country the opportunity to realise their dreams.

Kostas Kontaxis, Brand Experience Manager of Norwich CarShop said: “I am honoured to represent CarShop at such an event, I think it’s great to be so involved with the local community.

“The football club has been the heart of Norwich from the beginning, and it’s great to support that tradition with our local store.

“The Youth Academy Jackpot is a great way to help the next generation progress, and CarShop is proud to help them get to where they want to be.”

And if Kenneth wasn’t happy enough, after receiving his giant cheque at the game, Norwich City went on to beat Middlesbrough 1-0! Definitely the cherry on top!




  • On: 06 February 2018
  • By: CarShop

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