News: Doc Brown & Kevin Keegan team up for CarShop's MC17

News: Doc Brown & Kevin Keegan team up for CarShop's MC17

During a wintery Tuesday morning on December 12th, 2017, CarShop management from across the business all came together for the annual Management Conference. This year’s venue was at Heythrop Park, situated in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside.

Each year is themed to convey a specific message to the business for the following year and beyond; this year’s theme was Time and Evolution, focused around CarShop’s purpose to ‘lead the automotive marketplace’. This theme was complete with star guests like Doc Emmett Brown and his famous DeLorean, throughout the day he directed delegates to appropriate areas of the venue and posed for plenty of photos.

After the delegates arrived in the morning, they took their seats in the auditorium where Jonathan Dunkley (CEO of the Sytner Car Supermarket Division) and the Executive Leadership Team talked about the year in review and exciting news for 2018. One of the announcements made was in relation to Sytner’s recent purchase of the northern car supermarket group, The Car People.

Jonathan Dunkley had this to say about the recent news:

“This exciting and game-changing acquisition will almost double the size of our organisation. My team and I are proud to be joining forces with The Car People as they represent a fantastic team of people with a great business that operates under a similar model to our own. There will no doubt be many opportunities to share best practice between both organisations over time.”

The announcement was well received by all CarShop colleagues who were excited to work alongside the fellow car supermarket under the guidance of Sytner.

After lunch, delegates were once again directed by ‘Doc’ to a selection of workshops hosted by CarShop’s People Team. These workshops were aimed at helping CarShop colleagues understand how to be at their best within the role and the mindset they take to work

Following these workshops, delegates were then taken to the auditorium as a Q&A was set up so that everyone could ask the Executive Leadership Team questions about the future of the business and the recent changes in the industry.

Delegates asked questions such as ‘What's our biggest challenge as CarShop grows?’ & ‘Will CarShop look to open stores on the continent?’ This sparked some really interesting conversations from the panel and allowed colleagues of CarShop to voice any opinions they had about the recent business announcements.

Shortly after the Q&A came to an end, special guest Kevin Keegan was revealed to the audience for the first time. Keegan spoke in detail about his vast football career and the struggle any Football club faces, alongside its comparisons to any business that strives for greatness. After the talk, a queue of eager delegates formed as they waited to take a picture with Keegan.

As the evening began, it was time for Britain’s Got Talent finalists Boogie Storm to take centre stage and got the evening started with an incredible performance that wowed the crowd.

Then, it was time for the auction to begin. There was a great selection of items to bid on during the night that ranged from tech devices, live shows & a wide range of experiences. The room was buzzing with excitement as the auctioneer took bids from across the ballroom. After all the prizes were auctioned, the money raised came to an astonishing £12,000! With all proceeds going towards CarShop’s partner charity Global’s Make Some Noise.

Shortly after the excitement calmed down from the auction, it was time for the eagerly anticipated raffle to begin; delegates had the option earlier in the night to purchase a ticket for the raffle, this would give them a chance of winning a £4,000 holiday. After the ticket holders were whittled down to the final four, there was a make or break question to decide who came away with the prize. As you can see below, a lucky employee from the CarShop Doncaster store came away with the golden ticket.

Business Manager, Paul Gregory

This acted as a superb way for the night to begin as guests finished their food and were free to take pictures with Boogie Storm (pictured earlier) & play various arcade games and entertainment in the ballroom. All in all, this event was a perfect way of ending a very successful year for the CarShop family and gave everyone plenty to look forward in 2018 and beyond

We would once again like to thank everyone who attended and thank the sponsors who enabled us to make the 2017 Management Conference the best one yet.

  • On: 21 December 2017
  • By: CarShop

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