Blog: #NationalPetDay - Which car best suit's your four-pawed friend?

Blog: #NationalPetDay - Which car best suit's your four-pawed friend?

To celebrate this glorious occasion, we thought it was a great time to align two major parts of your life – your motor and your best friend.

Unfortunately, after a lot of research, we discovered that dog size and boot capacity don’t tend to be measured in the same way. But we can tell you after borrowing a gorgeous Akita and measuring him (good boy Totoro), if you assume he was a cube standing up, he has a 212 litre capacity – hope that gives you a better sense of scale!

Massive cars for your giant woofers:

If you’ve got a Great Dane at home, we wouldn’t recommend carting them around in the back of a Fiat 500 - you’re probably going to need the maximum amount of room in the back.

Like we said we’re not entirely sure what the Great Dane to boot ratio is, but we know they can grow to a massive 86cm tall and weigh a whopping 90kg -  so how about we list off some of the cars with a slightly roomier boot that suits every circumstance for a bit of breathing space?

We know that you can fit your big furry friends in most cars if you pop the back seats down but, if you’re just relying on boot room, space can be a bit of an issue.

Just be aware that with slightly different models of each car the boot space can change, so make sure you go and see the car and measure up Rover before you buy!

Land Rover Freelander

To be honest, most of the Land Rover and Range Rover family have a whopping amount of boot room. But we’ve chosen the Freelander to represent them as it is just a little more affordable and you still get an ample amount of space.

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 755 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 1670 litres

But if you’re not looking for a chunky 4x4 and still need some room for your fluffy St Bernard:

Peugeot 308 Estate

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 810 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 1775 litres

Not bad for an affordable estate that’s pretty economical too!

Big boots for your gorgeous large sub-woofers:

A gorgeous Labrador Retriever can grow to about 62cm and weigh 36kg! But we’re pretty sure your Labrador will enjoy a stretch in these spacious estates:

Skoda Octavia Estate

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 610 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 1740 litres

Golf Estate

We know what you’re thinking – not another estate. But remember, with this car you get all the style of a Golf with the amazing running costs of an affordable commuter.

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 605 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 1620 litres

Medium-sized doggo space:

Perfect for your Bulldog and your wallet, and not forgetting the family too! If you’re planning on taking the pooch to the park, there’s still enough room in the back of these motors for the kiddy-winks.

Volvo V40

A pretty sophisticated looking hatchback if we do say so:

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 402 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 1032 litres

Nissan Qashqai

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 410 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 660 litres

And not forgetting the small pooch’s:

Pugs and Chihuahua’s are sure to enjoy a leisurely drive in the back of these hatchbacks. These are great for any smaller breed and ideal if you’re living in the town and want something a little smaller to cruise around in.

Mercedes A Class

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 341 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 1157 litres

Ford Focus

Luggage capacity (seats up) – 316 litres

Luggage capacity (seats down) – 1101 litres

At the end of the day, you know what you need for you and your pooch, so make sure you get out there and have a look at our amazing selection. Plus, when you come and have a look around our showroom, Rover can come too!

As another little incentive for you and your furry friend, you can choose to add GardX to your new motor which not only keeps your car’s paintwork pristine, it also comes with a “Stain Guard” to protect your interior from slobbery sticks and muddy paws.


  • On: 11 April 2019
  • By: CarShop

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