Blog: CarShop gets behind WDSD with odd socks and a celebrity guest

Blog: CarShop gets behind WDSD with odd socks and a celebrity guest

CarShop’s celebrity guest

Star of the Carpool Karaoke video that took the internet by storm, Teddy, and his mum Cathy visited the CarShop preparation centre in Leighton Buzzard to support World Down’s Syndrome Day.

Teddy, fresh off his This Morning appearance on ITV came to Grovebury Road on 23rd March 2018 to help raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome Day.

Cathy Straight, Teddy’s mum, said: “As discussed on the show we had a positive result for down syndrome from a NIPT when pregnant with Teddy, this gave us the chance to educate and prepare ourselves for his arrival and meant we could celebrate his birth without any negativity.”

Within 10 minutes we raised £77.75 which is a great start for the monthly fund-raiser.

Next week, during Leighton Buzzards monthly fund-raiser for Global’s Make Some Noise, there is going to be a highlight on World Down’s Syndrome Day. The dress down day and cake sale will raise money for charities supported by CarShop Cares and Global’s Make Some Noise such as the Swindon Down’s Syndrome Group.

The interview

With Teddy and his mum visiting, she kindly took some time to answer a few questions about Downs Syndrome day and what it means to her.

She said: “In the UK the termination rate for a prenatal diagnosis is 94%!!!

“Yet when asked 97% of families and people affected by down syndrome say they wouldn't change a thing and are happy, so this is why we are trying to raise positive awareness to give a more balanced view.”

And positive awareness has definitely been made. Cathy continued to say that she has had a constant stream of radio, newspaper and local television interviews, and of course, the national TV appearance on This Morning.

She said: “We were all just so thrilled to be able to promote our wonderful children and spread the message that down syndrome is not to be feared and that we really #wouldntchangeathing!”

The video 

Starting amongst a group of proud parents that were told that their children were better off “screened out,” a mum of a 4-year-old with an extra chromosome got inspired by the Singing Hands carpool karaoke which showed a simplified from of British Sign Language and decided to do the same.

All the mums in the video are part of the “Designer Genes” Facebook group which was created for parents who have a child with downs syndrome born in 2013/2014.

Over 50 of them took part and uploaded their videos, and then one of the fathers in the group pulled the clips together to create the tear-jerker and viral sensation.

Cathy said: “We never thought it would have the response it has (over 25 million views at this point in the space of a week) and are just so thrilled that we have raised such positive awareness for downs syndrome.”

The multi-platinum song, A Thousand Years by Christina Perry was welcomed by the artist and she took to social media to say “THIS IS THE BEST!!!! I’m so honored they chose my song! My heart is so full!!!”

Her husband, who was originally contacted by the group to ask for permission to use the song, went on to declare that he is a life-long advocate of children with special needs - in particular those with Down’s Syndrome. In fact, he had produced the film “More Alike Than Different” with his sister for Down’s Syndrome Day in 2015.

Cathy said: “Teddy and all the other children involved have taken it all in their stride and are completely unaware of its success. Although Teddy does love to see himself and his friends every time the video is shown.

“We are so very thrilled for all the support and positivity our video has received and thank you for helping us spread the word!”

The video, called 50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome, went live to the public on Friday 16th March in advance of this year's World Down Syndrome Day, supporting the hashtag #wouldntchangeathing because that’s exactly what 97% of people with Down’s Syndrome and their families report.

So, go ahead and check out what all the fuss is about:

  • On: 23 March 2018
  • By: CarShop

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