April Fools! From all of us at CarShop

April Fools!  From all of us at CarShop

Only today, on the 1st April 2018, can you snap up this compact Lamborghini in our auction!

It won’t get you anywhere, but at least you can brag to your mates that you’ve got something with 4 wheels and a Lambo badge in the garage (or on your shelf – after all, you can decide where to put it.)

Its 1:24 engine is sure to get a rumble through your fingers and is perfect if you’re the size of a Borrower. What’s more, we can promise you won’t see anything like this in CarShop again.

Okay, time to come clean. We’ve been toying with you.

If you didn’t guess - this isn’t your average Lambo.

It’s just a little smaller… and doesn’t have an engine… and is a toy.


But if you want this funky toy car for yourself go ahead and bid!

All the proceeds from the auction will go straight to our charity Global’s Make Some Noise; and the best part is we’ll post it first class!

Happy bidding, and happy April Fools!

  • On: 01 April 2018
  • By: CarShop

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