Sponsor: CarShop calls in at the first race of the BTCC at Brands Hatch

Sponsor: CarShop calls in at the first race of the BTCC at Brands Hatch

This year’s BTCC got underway on Sunday, (8th April 2018) at Brands Hatch and we took the trip down there from our head office in Northampton as we couldn’t be more excited to get behind Aiden Moffat and watch the 3 races.

Laser Tools Racing gave us the best hospitality and we got a glimpse behind the scenes with a quick interview from the main man himself – Aiden Moffat, and the woman who really runs the show, his mum Donna.

First race

After qualifying, Aiden started on the grid in 17th place. Not exactly where he’d hoped to be, but after jostling with the competitors (including a few incidents where the other drivers went off) he worked his way up 4 places to 14th, not bad!

After the race, we grabbed Donna for a quick word on how the race went, what she brings to the team and a mother’s insight into the BTCC world:

First race results:

1st place – Jack Goff in the Honda Civic Type R

2nd place – Colin Turkington in the BMW 125i M Sport

3rd place – Andrew Jordan in the BMW 125i M Sport


Second race

Before the second race, we were lucky enough to take part in a grid walk so we could be in amongst the action before the race kicked off.

And we’re not going to lie – it was pretty cool.


With the way the BTCC arrange the grid positions, Aiden started off in 28th this time. And considering there were 32 cars racing, it wasn’t the best place to start.

But then something amazing happened - he crept his way past the other drivers and up the places, and managed to break through into first place!

Leading the pack for a lap, Aiden went a little wide on a corner, and after a small collision with another driver, he hit the tyre wall, spinning as he went which bumped him down to fifth before he could get the hammer back down.

With the car suffering damage – we say car, but it was pretty much half a car at this stage; he couldn’t make up the places before the race ended – but 28th to 5th is still a remarkable achievement!

Second race results:

1st place – Senna Proctor in the Vauxhall Astra

2nd place – Jake Hill in the Volkswagen CC

3rd place – Ollie Jackson in the Audi S3 saloon

Aiden Q&A and interview

With a Q&A scheduled after the second race, Charlie (or Mini Moffat as most of us know him) saved the day! Aiden was obviously a little gutted to not get on the podium during the second race thanks to the incident.

But mini Moffatt saved the day by saying: “Don’t be sad. When you’re sad, I’m sad.”

The entire crowd cheered and clapped and it got Aiden into better spirits.

After taking a few questions from the crowd, we managed to get a quick word with him too about what happened in the race and what he thinks of his mum's worrying:

Third race

As luck would have it, despite starting 28th in the second race, Aiden started the third race in 2nd position on the grid.

But with damage sustained to the car, and another unlucky incident on the track, his final position was 21st.

Third race results:

1st place – Tom Ingram in the Toyota Avensis

2nd place – Adam Morgan in the Mercedes-Benz A Class

3rd place – Rob Austin in the Alfa Romeo Giulietta



With the next race at Donington Park in a few weeks (28th-29th April), we’re sure that the incredible team at Laser Tools Racing can get the car back to fighting standard and get Aiden on that podium!


  • On: 09 April 2018
  • By: CarShop

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