Charity: CarShop's charity partner Global's Make Some Noise hands out cheques totalling 2.5 million pounds

Charity: CarShop's charity partner Global's Make Some Noise hands out cheques totalling 2.5 million pounds

Since partnering up with national charity Global’s Make Some Noise in 2017, the CarShop Cares programme has gone above and beyond all targets and raised a grand total of £96,398.

Global’s Make Some Noise helps small and amazing charities who often struggle to get their voice heard. Each year these charities are able to apply to Global’s Make Some Noise for funding and support and if these charities are approved then they benefit from the money raised by CarShop Cares and other fundraising partners and efforts.

Today, this year’s beneficiaries found out just how much money has been granted to them and what this means going forward. And CarShop were lucky enough to attend some of the cheque handover ceremonies!

The first of the charities to mention is Local Aid, based in Cardiff. Local Aid is a local charity supporting young people who have learning difficulties or challenging behaviour; they asked for 1 year’s worth of funding for their employability and skills training programme. Amazingly, they have been granted £80,400 which will fund 2 years of the programme and help over 140 young people with learning disabilities gain work experience.

Another charity that applied for funding is Autism Bedfordshire, a charity that helps people with Autism build confidence and social skills, whilst providing support to parents and awareness of Autism within the wider community. Initially they requested funding for 3 roles, 2 Development Officers and 1 Assistant Development Officer for 1 year. Instead of funding this for just 1 year, Global’s Make Some Noise has awarded them £63,600 which will fund these roles for 2 years, allowing them to help over 400 young people with Autism.

There are 2 charities local to our Norwich store that have been awarded grants this year. The first being The Bumblebee Children’s Charity in Suffolk which is a pre-school that supports children with disabilities, both physically and with learning. They have been granted a whopping £86,300 which will go above and beyond what they asked for and fund 4 roles at the school, that of the Principal and 3 children’s Team Leaders for 2 years!

The second of these charities is Musical Keys based in Norwich. They use arts-based activities, including music and movement, to teach new skills, build confidence and improve coordination for people of all ages with disabilities or additional needs. They have been given a generous £79,000 worth of funding which will fund their Unite & Express Project not only for 1 year, as was asked, but for the next 2 years. In total, this will help around 680 children!

Another local charity benefitting from the grants this year is Wiltshire Sight, supporting people in Wiltshire and Swindon who suffer from sight loss. Global’s Make Some Noise has granted them £45,100 which will fund their Zoom Club, providing activities and support for young people living with sight loss, for the next 2 years. Additionally, they are going above what was asked and are funding a new sensory library!

The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund is a local charity, covering the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire area, supporting children and adults who were born with congenital heart disease. Amazingly, Global’s Make Some Noise is not only going to contribute towards the cost of a new state-of-the-art 3D printer they’re actually going to pay for the whole thing! This amazing new printer can create a model of a patient’s heart so the doctors can study it before going into surgery, something that will certainly make a lot of difference to the prognosis for many patients. But it doesn’t stop there, with £75,000 worth of funding being given to this charity, this will also cover the costs of 35 machines to allow children to monitor their condition at home, saving the time and stress of multiple hospital visits. Amazing!

Global’s Make Some Noise doesn’t just fund local charities, there are also a number of national charities benefitting from the grants this year.

The first of these is The Lullaby Trust, which offers awareness and advice surrounding sudden infant death syndrome whilst offering support for bereaved families. They have been awarded £84,000 which will fund 50 breathing monitors and sensors as well as 2 part-time Regional CONI Coordinator roles for 2 years.

Another of these national charities is Cavernoma Alliance UK, which raises awareness and improving the quality of life for people affected by this condition. They have been given £82,000 which will fund the salary of a new CaverFamilies Coordinator for 2 years, whilst also contributing towards family activities for people affected by the conditions for the next 2 years.

Additionally, Children’s Liver Disease Foundation has received £80,000 which will fund at least 9 events, for young people suffering from liver disease, over the next 2 years. This will help over 270 young people!

Finally, Sebastian’s Action Trust, who have created a respite facility for children who are very poorly to go with their families and enjoy some precious time together, has been awarded a mighty £90,000. This amazing contribution will fund 2 years of activities including therapy and support, 2 years of costs for 4 members of staff, as well as a new Youth Worker role. This means that this amazing charity will be able to help almost 1900 young people over the next 2 years, which is phenomenal!

CarShop continues to be dedicated to raising money for Global’s Make Some Noise and contributing towards funding for amazing charities like the ones mentioned above. So far this year we have colleagues competing in the London Marathon, the Wolf Run and Tough Mudder, amongst many other things, all in order to raise money for these worthy causes. So watch this space!


  • On: 13 April 2018
  • By: CarShop

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