Blog: Your real cup of tea with CarShop

Blog: Your real cup of tea with CarShop

Us Brits have a special connection with a good cuppa.

And what better way to celebrate that connection than with an entire day dedicated to the drink our nation is known for – tea.

Here at CarShop, we thought we’d honour this important day in our calendar with a little look at all the ‘T’ cars that really are our cup of Rosy Lee.

So, go on and grab a brew and enjoy the read.

Model T

The start of it all!

The Model T, or “Tin Lizzie”

not “thin” – “tin”

was the first “affordable” production car for everyone. With the help of a production line, the Model T meant that that the everyday man could get behind the wheel. Because of this, it was in production for a staggering 19 years, from October 1st, 1908 all the way to 1927. This motor was the start of what we see as the car marketplace now.

T Bird

Or the Ford Thunderbird as you may know it.

With a growling V8 engine under the bonnet, the Thunderbird was Ford’s answer to Chevrolet’s Corvette. So, in essence, one of the most iconic sports cars. Production started for this car in 1954 with a new model released every year until 1957.

Audi TT

Finally, a car a little more up to date.

Whether you opt for the convertible or the classic hard-top, when you get behind the wheel of an Audi TT, you instantly have style.

Known for speed, luxury and its sleek design, the TT has been with us for a few generations now. The first one was produced way back in 1998, so surely they must know what they are doing by now, which means that the 2018 version must be something spectacular.

In fact, we know they are, as in 2017 in Europe, they sold over 16,000 of them, and in the month of January 2018, a whopping 1,116!



We know that Bugatti is a manufacturer, but the truth is that whatever they produce, they are all beau-t-iful specimens of a car.

Well, we say car as in super-car, and the cars that Bugatti manufacture are likely to be way out of most of our price ranges… but that’s what they’re about right? Fun, ridiculousness and pushing the boundaries of everything we know about our 4-wheeled friends.

And they are testing those limits again, with the £1.9m 2019 Chiron promising to be something spectacular. This will be the only supercar driven just on fossil fuels that can give the supercar hybrids a run for their money.

(Forgive the last two - we started to run out of cars with the T sound in the name.)


There’s plenty of models of motors with GT in the name.

(We like to think it stands for a “great time” – just like with a good cup of char.)

No, but seriously -  it stands for Grand Touring, or Gran Turismo which means that a car can travel fast for a long time whilst you keep comfy-cosy behind the wheel.

Such as a BMW 3 Series GT or BMW 5 Series GT

And if you want to get a little more technical – the GTI

This is still Grand Touring; the I is added when the engine is fuel injected.

For instance a Volkswagen Golf GTI

Or a Volkswagen Polo GTI – It’s seems as though Volkswagen have really got this down to a T!


This is the Grand Touring Coupe – fancy, right?

Just like this Vauxhall Astra GTC


In terms of GT’s, the list could go on for an awfully long time and we don’t want to open a can of worms here…

Okay, one more:


Just a quick mention of the GTD – again, you’ve got the Grand Touring in there, the D just stands for diesel.

And a great example is another VW – the Volkswagen Golf GTD

And after all that – I think we need a cuppa!


  • On: 21 April 2018
  • By: CarShop

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