Charity: CarShop colleague to run London Marathon for GMSN

Charity: CarShop colleague to run London Marathon for GMSN

With the London Marathon coming up, we thought we would highlight the immense task one of our own colleagues is about to take on in the name of charity.

A little about our marathon runner

Laura Chapman is proudly representing CarShop during the gruelling 26.2-mile course.

34 and raring to go, our Senior HR Business Partner is taking on the London Marathon in the name of our charity partner – Global’s Make Some Noise.

What’s she doing?

When asked this, she said: “I’m doing a little run on Sunday.”

Just a little one, Laura!?

“I entered [the London Marathon] in October and I’ve been training properly since Christmas week - the 27th December.” (She was running a few times a week before then, don’t worry, she hasn’t started from scratch.)

“I’m nervously excited I would say, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve heard so much positive stuff about the crowds and the energy on the day.

“So, I’m really excited to put all that training into practice, and enjoy the day because it’s been a long hard slog with the training over the winter.”

The training

After “training properly” from Christmas week, Laura said: “I’ve done 3 runs a week and then also a day of strength training and some other exercise as well, so I usually go on the turbo (bike).

“5 days a week I train.”

On a Tuesday, she does a tempo run, and goes “what we call comfortably hard” for around 4 miles, moving onto an interval training session on Thursday – this is the speed work followed by a “long run” on Sunday.

She said: “The long runs have been increasing up to 21 miles, and then the last couple of weeks I’ve been tapering - which means going back down again.”

Over the last few weeks she’s done a 13 and then an 8 mile as “nice recovery runs.”

If you say so Laura - that’s a bit much for the rest of us!

She said she always trains outside, and even the adverse weather conditions recently haven’t stopped her training.

“I have literally been running in all weather conditions. Snow and ice, rain, wind...

“Training’s been really tough, [especially] trying to fit it in around life. But I’ve actually enjoyed it."

With Sunday expected to be a blazer (in terms of weather, that is) Laura is facing a whole new challenge compared to her training.

“I’ve been training all over winter and I hear that it is going to be 24 degrees on Sunday.

“That’s what I’m nervous about – the heat and how I’m going to be able to keep myself hydrated.”

She added: “But the good thing about the heat is that it will get the crowds out – I’m trying to think positive thoughts!”

The day before

We all know that preparation is key – especially when it comes to the marathon, and Laura’s got it all sorted.

She’s picking up her race pack on Friday (20th April) so she can take some time on Saturday to rest as much as possible.

“I’ll try and have a lie in, because I know I won’t sleep through the night, and I’ll eat a lot. As many carbs as possible and drink a lot of water as well so I’m topped up and hydrated for the day.”

Her Auntie will give Laura her “last meal” in Harrow before she tubes to the start line.

On the day

When asked how she felt the day was going to go, she just didn’t know.

“I’ve got a bit of a leg niggle,” she said, “I’ve just done so much training it’s just really tight on my piriformis” (Which is bum to you and me!)

“I’m a bit nervous as to whether that is going to hold up on the day.”

But she said she was quietly confident, although she may have to go a little slower because of the heat.

“I’ve got a few different times in my mind depending on how it goes on the day.”

In terms of her racing time, Laura has chosen to focus on her own “medal” system depending on the conditions:

Laura’s goals

  • Platinum – 5 hours, 15 minutes
  • Gold – 5 hours, 30 minutes
  • Silver – 6 hours
  • Bronze – to finish

“My aim is just to get round,” she said.

And afterwards?

“Global’s Make Some Noise have got a reception afterwards,” she said, “so I can go there and have a bit of bubbly, some nibbles and a massage. Depending on how I feel, I’ll go to that.”

And if not?

“I’ll just try and get home as quick as possible and have a bath – it’s the best feeling having a bath after a long run!”


Laura has been overwhelmed with the amount of support that she has received from CarShop.

She said: “Everyone’s so interested about it and really enthusiastic and positive about me doing it. I’ve had a lot of sponsorship from it as well.”

All the money that Laura raises for the marathon is going straight to Global’s Make Some Noise, CarShop’s charity partner. They are a charity which helps small and amazing charities who often struggle to get their voices heard.

Money raised

Laura’s target was £1,000, and when she achieved this, CarShop promised to match it, meaning that an incredible £2,000 would go to charity.

And that target has already been blown away.

Emily Shepherd, an Accounts Administrator in the Doncaster store had originally signed up to run the marathon herself, before being blessed with a bundle of joy, meaning that the run was no longer possible.

Laura said: “She’d raised £500 in sponsorship, so she’s put in that £500 into my funding, so she has really helped.

“Although she can’t run, she’s still making a difference.”

Laura has raised over £2,000 so far. “I expect to get a little more on the day and afterwards as well. A few people have said that they will base it on a tier system, so however fast I run it that’s how much they’ll give me in sponsorship and CarShop is matching it as well.

“So I’ve raised over £4,000 in total.” And that amount is still going up.

You can still help her cause, she’s still taking sponsors – all you need to do is click on her Everyday Hero page and get giving!



  • On: 19 April 2018
  • By: CarShop

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