Blog: CarShop's take on Children's Book Week

Blog: CarShop's take on Children's Book Week

 We all know the stories, but here at CarShop, we decided to take a different approach and look at the supporting stars of children’s books – the cars in which the characters drove and captured our hearts.


This is beautiful combination of a car and the main character all rolled in to one!

Although a few of us may remember Brum as the cartoon on the chunky TV when we got home from school, you can share that memory with the next generation in book form too!

Brum, a half scale model of the Austin 7 Chummy convertible can still be seen at the Cotswold motoring museum so go along and give him a toot.

Which is nice, as this is where the opening titles were filmed for the later TV Series.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

No one is entirely sure how Chitty Chitty Bang Bang got its name. One idea was from the kids in the class he taught from Eton (as Ian Fleming did with his Bond character names) another being the noises it made when it burst into life, but one sure fact is that the car was modeled on a series of 4 aero-engined racing cars designed by Louis Zborowski.

They were the Chitty Bang Bang’s 1, 2, 3 and 4.

But I think we can all agree that we are still waiting for a magical flying car to take us on some adventures, just like chitty did.


Another British icon created by the amazingly talented Enid Blyton, Noddy’s car was so amazing, it even has an entire picture book to celebrate it!

Nowadays, you can get a Noddy car lookalike if you scour the internet based on a 1977 Reliant Kitten - and there aren’t any claws about that.

But you’ll never beat the original shape: a 1969 Fiat Gamine Vagnale. Unfortunately, you won’t be as likely to get one, as the original sold for a hefty £29,325 at auction not too long ago.

Now that definitely made its way for Noddy.

101 Dalmatians

As much as we might want to talk about those gorgeous dogs right now, we’ll earn our spots and focus on Ms De Vil’s car.

The car is a customised Panther De Ville – only 60 were made and Elton John and Oliver Reed bought one!

Definitely a luxurious car, the British car maker Panther Westwinds also released a number of other luxurious classic cars, but perhaps the others aren’t quite as well known as Cruella’s.


Harry Potter’s flying Ford Anglia

Or the Ford Anglia 105E to be precise. This enchanted beauty made its debut in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling, and came to an unfortunate end in the Womping Willow.

That deserves a moment of silence by itself.

But back in the Muggle world, this beautiful British motor is still in the UK.

Harry Potter needs no introduction, and will of course be in the top list of children’s stories for years to come.



Children’s Book Week is the time of the year where you’re inspired to pick up a great story, fall back in love with reading and call attention to the children’s classics.

It’s also an amazing opportunity to dress up as your favourite characters, even if they don’t have 4 wheels.

Just like the books themselves, the cars in the stories have stayed in our hearts for years. And we like to think that you’ll never be able to forget any car you own either, so make sure you have a memorable one.

  • On: 01 May 2018
  • By: CarShop

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