Blog: CarShop's ruling on the great radio DABate

Blog: CarShop's ruling on the great radio DABate

First things first – what is DAB radio?

DAB radio stands for digital audio broadcasting radio – so, it doesn’t rely on analogue.

Erm, analogue?

Analogue is what you know as FM, AM or long wave radio.

Analogue was the original way that radios used to broadcast. This system relies on a signal transmitted by waves through the air. (There’s a lot of physics that goes into this - and there’s loads of places on the internet that will explain if you’re interested.)

And although analogue has been and always will be a fantastic invention, the digital era has brought some improvements – this is when DAB radio was born.  

Why does it matter?

Eventually, everything will be going over to digital. That’s still a little way off realistically, but it always helps to jump the gun on these things.

So, if you’re looking for a new car and don’t want to deal with the headache of updating your radio when it all eventually changes over, check and see if it’s got DAB before you buy.

Why digital?

  • You get more stations, especially in city centres. This is where the local stations usually sit, so you might be able to tune in to a great frequency without knowing it existed!
  • You see the stations by names, not confusing frequencies – which means you can change stations as much as you want and explore.
  • Most DAB radios come with FM too
  • DAB radios tune themselves!

Any downsides?

The only one worth mentioning might be the decline in sound quality – especially if you have a sophisticated sound system in your motor.

This is just because the bit rate is a little lower with DAB radio in order to get more stations broadcasting at the same time.

  • On: 31 May 2018
  • By: CarShop

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