Blog: Happy Ford-i-eth birthday

Blog: Happy Ford-i-eth birthday

We didn’t bake Ford a cake as they were founded on 16th June 1903, which makes them a whopping 115 years old, and frankly we couldn’t afford the candles!

The iconic American brand has been around practically since the car was first invented, meaning that they’ve adapted and changed throughout the years and created a legacy that is known all around the world.

Let’s take a look through the years with Ford and discover how the brand came to be and why they are still going strong in 2018.

Where is began

1908 - The Model T

The Ford Model T is generally thought to be the first production car ever made. We still need to give the edge to Karl Benz for the first car ever built (which is still up for debate it itself) but it’s nice to think that Henry Ford went on to make the car available for the masses.

Although, Mr Ford didn’t pick the idea out of the air. He built a “quadricycle” in 1896 which was essentially 4 bicycle wheels with a 4 horsepower engine in the middle. Can you imagine that with today’s road laws?

The Model T was one of the best-selling vehicles of all time - there were a massive 15 million of them sold during its production years between 1908 and 1927!

1913 - The assembly line

Time for a myth buster! Ford did not invent the production line – Oldsmobile did. Ford essentially copied the idea and made it a little better. Which meant that they could build their chassis in just 1.5 hours rather than the 12.5 it used to take!

Oh, and whilst we’re talking about myth-busting, here’s another one for you - the Model T was not only available in black. This myth came around during the war when they had limited colours, but it was not the case for the whole period in which it was manufactured.

1917 - The truck

We know we’re meant to talk about cars here at CarShop, but, it’s worth noting that Ford began producing pick-ups in 1917! This was the Model TT, which meant you had a bit more T for your money.

1928 - The Model A

Just after the Model T retired from the production line, the Model A quickly took over its spot in the market. It was the first motor to be built with a safety glass windshield and was the first Ford to support the iconic blue logo too.

The icons

1954 - Thunderbird

You can still get your own Ford Thunderbird on the classic car market today! The T-Bird was introduced in 1954, and changed the landscape of the car market by letting the driver have all the comfort and convenience you could want rather than emphasis on “sportiness.”

1964 - Mustang

The legendary Ford Mustang was the beginning of the Pony car class (an affordable, highly styled car with a sporty persona,) and was one of the fastest-selling vehicles in history.

1976 – Fiesta

This 1976 Fiesta was the first “hot hatchback” that was successful on an international scale. Which is definitely a good thing as it was the most that Ford had ever spent on a development process for any car - $870 million! And of course, a favourite with new drivers, we can still get the Fiesta today.

1993 – Mondeo

The first global sedan from Ford (or saloon to us Brits) was the answer for every hard-working family. Spacious, a great price and reliable too, the Mondeo has had many face-lifts since its start on the production line, (and is still going strong.)

2007 - Ford SYNC

Okay, so this might not be an iconic car, but it definitely is up there with the memorable moments of the Ford brand. It’s another step forward in driving convenience, Ford SYNC is a built in entertainment system that can be controlled entirely by your voice. Nifty, right?

And today…

Check out some of the wide range of Ford’s that are currently on the market in the UK – full of all that experience and expertise, great for the young, the old, the family and everything in the middle:


Ford Ka


Ford Focus










Grand C-Max





  • On: 16 June 2018
  • By: CarShop

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