News: CarShop asked "What makes the perfect UK road trip" and the results are in

News: CarShop asked

In a bid to discover all the best elements that contribute towards the ideal road trip, we asked 197 people for their thoughts about the long drives to come up with the perfect recipe.

Question one: Where would be your ideal road trip in the UK?

The UK has a lot of hidden gems to visit, and it’s always worth taking a road trip or holiday a little closer to home so you can really see the beauty that’s hidden all around the country.

As you can see from our survey results, the beach is the top destination!

Blackpool and Brighton are well-known favourites, but according to the Telegraph Whitby and Aldeburgh have the best fish and chips.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of “other” answers included things like mountains, lakes, and more interestingly the Lake District. Speaking from experience, Cumbria is always a gorgeous place to visit (even when it rains).

Question two: What three things will you always take with you?

Drinks and food took the top spots here, with great music coming in third and a soft snuggly blanket not far behind. So, pretty much all the essentials to keep you comfortable, entertained, (and the drinks are the perfect excuse to make a pit stop or two).

And on that note…

Question three: What drinks will you be packing?

We know we’ve included alcohol here – but that was strictly for passengers only. Drinking and driving is a big no-no.

Water took the top spot and was chosen almost double the amount of times compared its second place competitor – fizzy drinks.

And this shows that us Brits aren’t always up for a cuppa when it comes to road-trips as tea came in an astonishing 5th place!

Question four: What are the best snacks to take?

So, we’ve covered the drinks, but what about the all-important munchables?

With sandwiches and crisps coming at the top, why not make it a proper British road trip and combine the two into a crisp sandwich? It’s definitely our guilty pleasure.

Plus, with fruit beating chocolate for 4th position, we’re thinking people have tackled the melting-mess-finger-fiasco in a healthy way.

Question five: What’s your favourite way to stay entertained on long journeys?

We all know that the motorway is the real test of a long road trip. The journey isn’t as bad when you’ve got all the gorgeous scenery to look at once you get a little closer to your destination. So if you can’t change your route for a more picturesque journey, what’s the best way to stay entertained until then?

Music won hands-down on this one. After all, with AUX connectivity, DAB radio and tech like Apple Carplay and Android Auto, it’s becoming easier and easier to listen to your favourite tunes. Car games seem to have been somewhat overlooked despite coming in second.

We’ve got to hold our hands up now as we forgot to add one vital thing – talking. And that’s what most people who chose “other” went for.

What about those car games then?

Question six: What’s your favourite car game to play on a road trip?

We got a few of the classics here from asking around the office:

But, one of our favourite suggestions from “other” was: How many CarShop cars can you see? (We think that one is sure to catch on.)

Question seven: How long is your ideal road trip?

So how many hours behind the wheel really makes a road trip? Is it a 2 or 3 to the seaside or perhaps a week driving in the wilderness?

Well, according to our results, most people like a shorter drive on their road trip, but with a couple of days coming in third, it seems lots of people enjoy a weekend away on the road too.

Question eight: Where would you stay?

You would think after a long drive all you would want is a comfy bed. And whilst this is true, there really are some adventurers among us with nearly 16% opting to camp during their road trip.

And we have to admit that it really is a great way to get out in the wilderness and experience a new place that’s closer to home than you would think.

And finally: It isn’t a road trip without…

This was an open question, and from the 192 separate responses we’ve picked some of our favourites:

  • Stories
  • Lots of laughs
  • An argument
  • Something going wrong
  • Rod Stewart
  • Exploring
  • Traffic
  • Whooping on the first sight of the sea
  • A good reliable car
  • Enjoyment and memories


And the most popular response?

  •  Friends/family/good company

So, we know that despite this guide, the perfect road-trip is completely down to the people you’re with. Go on and live up the summer, grab your friends and family and dare to go on the road trip of a lifetime!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a new car for the perfect road trip, be sure to browse through our stock


  • On: 13 July 2018
  • By: CarShop

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