4 of the best places to visit in the UK this winter

4 of the best places to visit in the UK this winter

Christmas is a magical time of the year, and it’s not just about the presents.

When the weather gets a little colder you think of roaring fires, plenty of layers and blankets of beautiful snow.

The perfect time of year for an adventure. So, with a little more time off, frost in the air and the nights a little longer, what are the best road trips around the UK?

Be prepared

Before you set off there are a few bits you need to know. Be careful if you are planning in driving in the snow and make sure you are well prepared. Although the country is at its most beautiful in the winter season, it is also the most dangerous time of year to get behind the wheel.

Before you set off, ensure:

Northern Scotland

Scotland in itself has many fantastic roads, and the best part about going North in the winter is that you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The further North you go, the more likely you’ll see the natural phenomenon. So, why not take a trip up to somewhere like Aberdeenshire, Orkney or the Shetlands?

If you want the views, take a drive from Dunnet Head up to Orkney, then you’ll be able to enjoy absolutely gorgeous panoramic views, whilst taking on fun windy roads too.

Use this link to see when you are most likely to catch a glimpse of them.


Cornwall has made its name as a summer destination, which, if you think about it, is a blessing in disguise. It means that the roads will be empty, and you’ll have the stunning Cornish coastline pretty much all to yourself.

Plus, if the weather gets a little too much to handle, the Cornish coast is an abundance of British history and has plenty of places to visit, all of which look gorgeous with a touch of frost on them.

St Ives is full of gorgeous shops and tea rooms, not to mention a lavish range of restaurants. And if you aren’t a fan of the quiet, then Falmouth is a great option. Since it is home to a university, it’s bustling all year round!

Lake District

Similarly to Cornwall, the Lake District isn’t the quietest place in the UK during the peak summer season, but as soon the cold weather hits, the place is like a ghost town.

The roads are a little more dangerous for obvious reasons in the winter, but as long as you are careful and have all the right equipment, then it’s an amazing treasure that you have to explore.

Staying to central Lake District might be best at this time of year to give yourself less headache, obviously, if you’re up for an unforgettable road trip, then the less travelled corners of the district are a must. But, don’t worry, for the rest of us, places like Windermere and Ambleside are still gorgeously picturesque, and you’re sure to find some hidden gems and amazing views in-between.


This gorgeous corner of Wales is idyllic in both the summer and the winter. Snowdonia is home to the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon, which means you can be sure the surrounds are going to have fantastic views.

The roads in Snowdonia consist of passes high in the mountains, so if you’re not up for walking in the snow, you’ll still get spectacular views from the comfort of your car. This is the A470, and travels the length of the national park, so you won’t miss out on anything.

Start off at Machynlleth and travel up the A487 until you meet the A470 to travel the complete distance of Snowdonia National Park before stopping in Conwy. Colwyn Bay is just a few miles away her, and is a great place that overlooks the sea and is full of sights and entertainment.

Let us know on social media if you have any of your own winter UK road trips that might even be featured here!

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