Fall in Christmas drink driving

There has been a fall in the number of people being arrested for drink driving over the Christmas period, says Brake.

Brake has revealed that the number of drink driving arrests made over Christmas 2013 has fallen, while incidences of breath-tests went up.

Commenting on figures released by the Association of Chief Police Officers, the leading road safety charity observed how 6,550 people were arrested over December, 573 less than during the same period last year.

The number is even greater when considered alongside the fact that police officers were conducting a record number of breath tests during the festive period.

In 2013, during the month-long operation, 191,040 breath tests were carried out, up from the 175,831 delivered in 2012.Other interesting findings include 3.4 per cent of drivers failing the test or refusing to be tested, which is a slight improvement on its equivalent four per cent last year.Brake also revealed that cases of young people being stopped for drink driving has also fallen, with 4.4 per cent of under 25s failing the breathalyser test, down from the 5.3 per cent recorded in 2012.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said that it was encouraging to see that there had been an increase in drink driving enforcement over December last year.However, she added that drink driving is still a major problem and there is still a long way "to go before we persuade all drivers to commit to never driving after drinking".

"The police do great work catching these irresponsible drivers, but the government needs to give them the backing they need to do their job, by making traffic policing a national priority and adopting a zero tolerance limit," Ms Townsend added."The message needs to be clear: it should be none for the road."

Brake is keen for drivers to sign up to its 'not a drop, not a drag campaign', which asks them to refrain from taking any alcohol or drugs when getting behind the wheel of a car.

The road safety charity continues to lobby the government to introduce tougher laws and harsher penalties for those who break them.





  • On: 29 January 2014
  • By: CarShop

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