Stealth cameras to be rolled out across motorways

Speed cameras will be set up on some of the busiest sections of a number of UK motorways.

So-called stealth speed cameras are to be rolled out across UK motorways in a bid to catch drivers who exceed the 70mph speed limit.

Unlike the majority of speed cameras, which are painted bright yellow, these will be grey so that they will be more difficult for motorists to spot.

These cameras are set to be introduced on busy stretches of a number of important motorways, including the M1, M6 and M25 - some of the busiest motorways in the UK.

The Highways Agency says the plan to introduce cameras will occur in areas known as smart motorways, where the hard shoulder has been turned into an extra lane in order to increase capacity. It claims that these smart motorways will improve traffic flow by ensuring speed limits are more carefully controlled and extra lanes can be opened up if needed.

However, motoring groups have criticised the plan to introduce stealth cameras as they claim that it is more concerned with generating income through fines rather than improving road safety.

Spokesman for the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) Roger Lawson said: "If these cameras are grey rather than yellow they are going to be harder to spot and so will have no impact in slowing traffic down.

"If there is a good reason for the traffic to be slowed down then the cameras need to be as visible as possible."

He explained that the ABD opposes speed cameras in general as evidence of their progress when it comes to improving road safety is limited.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency denied that they should be called stealth cameras, saying that those set to be introduced will be more visible than before. He explained the cameras would be clearly signposted, leaving the onus on the driver to adjust their speed accordingly.

Additionally, he explained that the smart motorways are not centred on controlling speed limits but rather on improving traffic flow.

The first batch of speed cameras is due to be introduced on two sections of the M25 during the summer.

  • On: 03 February 2014
  • By: CarShop

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