Drivers warned on getting out of cars in high winds

GEM Motoring Assist has been warning people to be careful when getting in and out of cars in high winds.

It is all too easy for a car door to be snatched away or slammed closed again when someone tries to get out of a vehicle during gale force winds.

With strong winds having been seen again over the course of the weekend, as they were during January, GEM Motoring Assist has been warning drivers to be careful about themselves and their passengers when getting in and out of their vehicles in these harsh weather conditions.

GEM explained that drivers should be particularly careful in the event that they break down during strong winds as they can come up against a range of new problems.

Chief executive officer of GEM David Williams said: "Different road and weather conditions can all add different hazards.  Flying debris and being physically blown over are just two examples of things that all add to the chaos that gale force winds bring,"

He warned that drivers should be particularly careful when getting young children out of the car, exercising caution over flying debris and other road users, if they break down.

Mr Williams said that drivers should take extra care to ensure they do not encounter any mechanical problems during adverse weather conditions.

Before setting off on long journeys, drivers should check their oil, fuel levels, tyre pressure, top up coolant levels, make sure their cooling fan runs when their engine starts and change their battery if they know it is getting old.

Even if they have not broken down, vehicle users should be particularly careful that their door is not taken out of their hands when getting out as this can damage parked or moving cars or can knock over cyclists and pedestrians.

Of course, the overriding advice from GEM was that people should only drive in gale force winds if they absolutely have to.

Even while driving, vehicle users can still encounter a multitude of problems, including their vehicle being blown around or other cars being blown into them.

  • On: 10 February 2014
  • By: CarShop

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