The best smartphone apps for drivers

A guide to some of the best driving apps available.

Technology has become one of the most dominant forces in our lives. What's more, our ability to have some of the most complex developments on earth in the palm of our hand has never been greater thanks to the rise of smartphones.

Although using your mobile while in the car is something that everyone knows should be avoided, these latest smartphones can now perform some amazing tasks without a single button even being pressed.

There are a host of apps on the market designed to help drivers gain a better experience when they head out for a spin. Below is a run-down of the some of the finest on the market.

iGas UP

This is one that made huge waves throughout the driving world as soon as it was unveiled. In a world where fuel prices are constantly on the rise, picking the right outlet when it comes to filling up is absolutely essential.

At the click of a button, iGas Up will not only display the ten nearest petrol stations, but also indicate the price at each one, making the consumer some valuable savings.


Another added pressure faced by motorists in the modern day is the duty to be environmentally responsible. A few years ago drivers would tear up and down the country having never even heard of a carbon footprint.

However, this is no longer the case. Downloading greenMeter and running the app during your journeys will give you an exact reading of the amount of carbon the your vehicle has expended, meaning you've no need to feel the guilt of clogging up the atmosphere without really knowing how much damage is being done.

Speedometer Speedbox

In recent years the measures that are taken to prevent drivers from going too fast have become far more advanced. However, whether it is because of financial constraints or a love for vintage cars, the vehicles that many purchase were manufactured decades ago.

The sensitivity in the non-digital speedometers found in some cars may not be enough to give a truly accurate reading in the run-up to a camera and as lots of you may well know, they can malfunction. Speedometer Speedbox provides an accurate digital reading of just how fast you have been going - as well as extra functions such as average speed over the course of a whole journey.


Again this one is related to fuel and is designed to save cash-strapped motorists a few extra pennies. Available for iPhones, this development takes constant readings of speed, route and fuel usage on journeys taken on a regular basis.

Once a journey is saved the app can then give you specific and targeted tips that will help you drive in the most efficient way possible. This will simultaneously cut the costs of running your car and do your green credentials a world of good.

Greatest Drive

This one is fantastic for anyone who enjoys driving as a means of checking out the scenery on a trip away. In any location on earth, this app can recommend the best routes in the area to suit enthusiast driving. For example, winding A-roads and routes with particularly outstanding natural beauty.

But if you don't trust an app to make your mind up for you, it also features a host of reviews submitted by real-life drivers.

Bluetooth Spotify

Music is a big part of driving for some people, but one that used to be a fairly impractical. For those who are required to take long journeys on a regular basis, it was once the done thing that they would have to spend hours on end sifting through the various CDs strewn across the dashboard and hidden in every corner of the glove compartment.

However, we're now in the age of digital music and Spotify's bluetooth app means that you can take your whole music collection everywhere you go and wirelessly connect it to your car's speaker system.


Everyone says that planning ahead is the key to successful driving and Trapster allows you to do just that. This app will warn you of any hazards, speed traps or cameras that you are approaching before they get chance to cause you any trouble - it really is the best way to ensure you never get caught off guard.

  • On: 17 February 2014
  • By: CarShop

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