Potholes putting tyres more at risk of damage

Tyres are more at risk of incurring damage from an influx of potholes that has been seen across the country.

As a result, the campaign group TyreSafe is urging drivers to check their tyres more frequently than usual for damage if they have been driving over potholes.

Typically, more potholes start to appear on the roads after winter is over as water freezes and thaws in the tarmac. However, after the wettest winter on record, many more have sprung up across the UK than usual.

To combat the damage that has been done to UK roads, the government has made emergency funding available to local highway authorities and, in the Budget on March 20th, it said that £200 million would be used on pothole repairs.

However, TyreSafe said that in the meantime, drivers should take the maintenance of their vehicle in hand to avoid getting caught in an accident due to damage from potholes.

Chairman of TyreSafe Stuart Jackson said: "While the announcement of extra funds to help repair the UK's roads is welcome news, this will not happen overnight. In the meantime, it's critical that drivers pay particular attention to the condition of their tyres and wheels as hitting a pothole can cause significant damage. If this damage is left unchecked it can present a very serious safety risk for them and other road users."

If drivers have hit a pothole they should look over their tyres for cuts, bulges and lumps. Additionally, in the days following driving over a pothole, they should also check the air pressure. If they notice that their tyres have been losing air then this could suggest that it has been damaged.

Potholes can also crack alloys and do damage to the suspension and wheel alignment of cars. Should drivers feel a vibration start after going over a pothole or the handling of their vehicle changes, such as if it starts pulling to one side, then this suggests that it has incurred some damage.

  • On: 24 March 2014
  • By: CarShop

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