Few drivers fined for middle lane hogging

Since it became an offence, few drivers have been penalised for hogging the middle lane.

Despite the fact that it has been an offence since August 2013, few drivers have been fined for hogging the middle lane since this time.

This was most recently revealed through a series of freedom of information requests by the Telegraph, which found that only eight police forces in the UK had penalised drivers for hogging the middle lane. In total, official figures showed 21 fines were handed out to drivers for this. Part of the reason why so few drivers were fined for this was due to the fact that these penalties are indistinguishable from other forms of poor lane discipline.

Similarly, during January 2014, MSN Cars published the results of its own freedom of information requests surrounding the M25. It found that only 13 drivers had been fined for middle lane hogging since it became a motoring offence.

Surrey Police handed out the most fixed penalty notices for this, being responsible for 11 of these. The only other force to have fined people for middle lane hogging was Hertfordshire, which issued two fixed penalty notices to drivers.

Middle lane hogging is one of a number of driving disciplines that vehicle users can now be penalised for as part of a raft of legislation to cut down on what is considered to be careless driving. Those who are caught doing this will be subject to a £100 fine and three points on their driver's license.

Another activity that comes under the bracket of careless driving is tailgating. According to the Telegraph's freedom of information requests, only 17 police forces across England and Wales have fined drivers for this. Part of the reason why few drivers have been caught doing this specifically is that the majority of police forces were unable to single out tailgating as a particular area of careless driving.

In total, 54 penalties have been handed out to drivers for tailgating since it was put under the offence of careless driving.

  • On: 15 April 2014
  • By: CarShop

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