1 in 8 drivers use hand-held phones at the wheel

Although using hand-held phones while driving has been an offence for a decade, one in eight drivers still do it.

Despite the fact that the use of hand-held mobile phones during car journeys has been illegal for a decade, one in eight drivers has persisted to take calls using these while behind the wheel.

This is according to new research from the road safety charity Brake as well as Direct Line, which surveyed 1,000 drivers.

The results were released in Report 5 Section 2 of the Direct Line and Brake Report on Safe Driving, 2012 - 2014 Driven to Distraction. This was released on April 22nd 2014.

While 13 per cent of drivers do continue to use their mobile phones while behind the wheel, this is a decline from the results found in 2006 when 36 per cent admitted to using theirs during car journeys.

Texting also appeared to be a risk that some drivers chose to take as 30 per cent of drivers admitted to either sending or reading messages while they were on the road.

Deputy chief executive at Brake Julie Townsend said: "It is shocking that, ten years after the ban, one in eight drivers continues to flout the law and put lives in danger by using a hand-held mobile at the wheel."

In a worst case scenario, drivers could find themselves caught in an accident as a result of someone choosing to use a hand-held phone while at the wheel. Sometimes, this can result in a car being written off.

If the driver who was not using the mobile phone has their car written off, they should receive a payment from the offending driver's insurance policy. However, typically this only tends to cover the market value of the car at the time and can leave a gap in the owner's finances compared to what they originally paid for it.

Drivers should therefore consider getting Vehicle Asset Protection (VAP) so that they are covered in this sort of situation. VAP also covers the first £250 of insurance excess.

Car Shop sells VAP insurance for both owned vehicles and cars that are kept on finance.

  • On: 23 April 2014
  • By: CarShop

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