Councils urged to apply for pothole repair fund

Local councils will be able to apply for funding to fix the potholes plaguing the car owners in their communities.

Potholes can be ruinous to cars, they can damage the wheels, tyres, suspension and steering alignment - and that’s just when driving over them at slow speeds! So, it is unsurprising that councils are being urged to apply for a share of a fund to repair local roads.

The £168 million Pothole Fund has been created to make the UK’s streets safer and smoother for motorists, cyclists and other road users who are at risk from badly maintained roads.

Councils are now being invited to bid for a portion of the money pot. Successful local authorities will be required to sign a pledge that commits them to spending the money on road repairs and sets out how many potholes will be fixed by March 2015.

Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, said the fund was part of the government’s long-term plan in investing in the country’s roads.

He added: “I want councils to rise to the challenge and to reward councils who come up with new and better ways of making repairs quickly and effectively.

“With this new pothole fund councils will need to clearly set out the scale of the work they are doing, and local communities can have certainty that the money is being spent fixing potholes on their local roads.”

According to the AA, driving over a deep pothole at a low speed can cause damage to the car’s wheels, tyres and steering alignment. At high speeds the consequences can be more significant as the damage is likely to be more severe and the driver can lose control of the car. At this point the rogue vehicle becomes a danger to other road users and pedestrians.

Mr McLoughlin believes that through the Pothole Fund, councils will be able to set out the scale of work they intend to undertake and local communities can rest assured that the roads that are currently in a state of disrepair will soon be mended.

  • On: 25 April 2014
  • By: CarShop

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