What car to choose for a first-time driver

When looking for your first car, you want something that is easy to drive, to manoeuvre and will not prove to be too costly.

Choosing you or your child's first car can be a minefield. For someone who is completely new to the market, it may seem that there is a lot of choice. Yet, when getting used to the roads, new drivers should look out for vehicles that are easy to understand, to drive and to park.

First time drivers, especially those under the age of 21, should also try to look out for vehicles that are cheap to insure as this is a cost that can skyrocket during the first few years of driving.

Below are some of the cars that are great for people who are getting behind the wheel with a full driving license for the first time.

Toyota Yaris

A small and sturdy vehicle, the Yaris from Toyota is an excellent car for young drivers looking to buy their first car.

Toyota is known for making very reliable vehicles that will last a long time, so the Yaris will be able to take a lot of strain from a young driver before they run out of use for it. Its small size also means that it will be easy to manoeuvre and park; a difficulty of driving that many who have recently passed their test will no doubt still be haunted by.

From a peace of mind perspective, it is an excellent choice as it has a four star Euro NCAP rating which rises to five stars for models made from 2005 onwards.

As insurance goes, it isn't as bad as a number of other vehicles for people aged between 17 and 18. According to MSN Cars, the average premium for this car is £2,621.71.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta has been a long time favourite among drivers looking to buy their first vehicle and is known to be the best selling car in the UK.

It is small and has a reputation for being easy to manoeuvre and is relatively cheap for the kind of vehicle that you get, making it ideal for someone who is buying their first car. What's more, its lowest insurance group is three, meaning that it won't be too expensive for new drivers to pay for when looking for cover.

The Fiesta comes with a one litre petrol or diesel engine, which is an ideal size for a new driver as it will not overwhelm them with power.

Ford KA

Another excellent choice for first time drivers from Ford comes in the form of the KA. The three-door supermini is easy to drive and to park as its little bonnet and boot means there is little to look out for.

Like the Fiesta, the KA is the perfect choice for those who need their first car but have a limited budget. It is cheap to tax and cheap to insure as first cars go.

While it is not the speediest of cars - which is not a bad thing for a first time driver - It is an ideal vehicle for getting you from place to place with few problems.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa is a nippy little car that can get you around while on a low budget. It is slightly more expensive to tax than the KA as its fuel economy is not quite as good. Nevertheless, it makes up for this in terms of engine power as it is known for its great acceleration for a city car.

It remains one of the best selling cars in the UK and while older models are fairly pleasing in design, the newer versions look particularly sleek.

The one litre version of the Corsa is in insurance group three, while the 1.2 sits in insurance group five and the 1.7 is in group seven. At the lowest, you can find Corsas that sit in insurance group two, which could prove to be a real money saver.

Corsa models dating from 2000 scored three stars on the Euro NCAP safety rating, while the 2003 models achieved four stars and those from 2006 onwards got five stars.

  • On: 28 April 2014
  • By: CarShop

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