Ford offers tips on lowering fuel consumption

Ford Motor Company is offering four easy tips on how drivers can lower their fuel consumption and cut the cost of travel.

Four simple tips for improving fuel consumption have been offered by automotive giant Ford Motor Company, which should help drivers with lowering the cost of travel.

It claims that the tips could help drivers to reduce their consumption by approximately 33 per cent, bringing down annual fuel bills by at least £800.

Ford says that removing the roof-top box will reduce fuel consumption by 20 per cent, shopping around for fuel will lower it by seven per cent, checking tyre pressures on a monthly basis could account for a four per cent reduction and removing excess weight from inside the car a further two per cent.

Nevertheless, a survey of 5,700 drivers revealed that many people neglect to do this. Seventy-six per cent of respondents do not check their tyre pressures regularly, 38 per cent leave the roof storage on top of their car, 18 per cent never check for the lowest fuel price and 17 per cent are guilty of leaving extra items in the car.

There are also other reasons why their fuel consumption may be pushed up, with 71 per cent admitting to breaking speed limits, 42 per cent choosing not to use the most economical route, 39 per cent driving aggressively and 14 per cent leaving their air con on all the time.

European sustainability director for Ford Wulf-Peter Schmidt said: “We ensure that every Ford vehicle offers the greatest potential for cost-efficient motoring through developing innovations such as the small yet powerful 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine – International Engine of the Year twice over.

“At the same time, there is also much the driver can do to save money on fuel – from adjusting driving style to reducing unnecessary load in the vehicle.”

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  • On: 06 May 2014
  • By: CarShop

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