Pothole compensation claims soar

Pothole compensation claims have been on the rise after the UK's roads have been damaged badly by one of the wettest winters on record.

After some of the UK's roads have been damaged severely by one of the wettest winters on record, so too have drivers seen their vehicles affected as a result.

There has been an influx of potholes appearing on the UK's roads, which can be damaging to drivers' tyres, wheel alignment, suspension and axles. If drivers can prove that their cars are in need of repair because of potholes, they can place a claim with the council in charge of the road where the damage happened.

According to potholes.co.uk, some of the areas that were worst hit by the winter's wet weather have seen significant increases in the number of claims for compensation due to vehicle damage as a result of potholes.

In Somerset there was a 750 per cent increase in compensation claims during January and February compared to November and December. Surrey County Council reported a 353 per cent increase in claims but said there is still a backlog of claims waiting to be entered into the system. Dorset also saw a 127 per cent rise in claims during this time.

For drivers, it is well worth getting their vehicles repaired sooner rather than later if their cars have been damaged by going over a pothole. At Car Shop, they can book in to have a car service, which will also uncover any other areas where their vehicle is damaged and get these fixed.

Additionally, they can have a free tyre safety check, where experts will provide a detailed and accurate assessment. If it turns out that the tyres are in need of replacement then technicians will be able to provide advice on which are the best brand and type to buy.

To help reduce the damage done to cars by potholes, potholes.co.uk has suggested putting temporary road signs in place to warn drivers to slow down. It has provided a design for these signs, which contains the words "caution" and "potholes ahead" complete with a warning triangle and image of a damaged road.

  • On: 07 May 2014
  • By: CarShop

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