Drivers urged to check tyres in road safety week

As part of Road Safety Week, drivers are being encouraged to check their tyres are in good condition.

Drivers are being encouraged to keep a close eye on the condition of their vehicle as part of the upcoming Road Safety Week, which runs from June 9th to 15th.

The campaign is being organised by the Chief Fire Officers Association and is receiving support from the not-for-profit organisation Tyre Safe.

It focuses on getting people, particularly young drivers, to ensure that their vehicle remains safe to use on the road. This includes making sure that it is properly maintained and its tyres are in good condition.

Chairman of Tyre Safe Stuart Jackson said: “Well maintained tyres play a vital role in road safety, as they’re the only things keeping your car or motorcycle on the road,”

“Neglecting them can result in reduced handling and grip or even a rapid deflation which is a huge safety risk. Thankfully though, with just a few regular checks, you can ensure your tyres will help to keep you safe.”

If drivers have any concerns about the condition of their tyres they can book in at Car Shop for a free tyre safety check. An expert technician will check over the tread depth, side walls and overall condition of the tyres as well as wheel alignment, to ensure that everything is safe and legal to use on the road. Additionally, they can advise on a suitable set of tyres to buy if replacements are needed.

Additionally, Tyre Safe is encouraging drivers to do a few checks that they can easily execute themselves. This includes air pressure, looking for cuts, lumps and bulges and checking tread depth.

It says that when the tyres are cold, having driven less than two miles or not at all, drivers should check the pressure of tyres against the recommended settings from their manufacturer.

As well as checking around the tyre for cuts, lumps and bulges, which would indicate damage to its structural integrity, drivers should also look over the tread for signs of uneven wear and embedded objects that need removing. They should also ensure tread depth complies with legal requirements.

  • On: 09 June 2014
  • By: CarShop

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