How to buy a luxury car for less

Buying a used vehicle means that you can have the executive car that you have your eye on for less.

Many drivers know the feeling of cruising down the motorway to find a prestige vehicle zooming past. The usual culprits tend to be BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz.

While these drivers can often be cursed for being pushy on the roads, and for showing off, most other road users would be hard pressed to truly say they wouldn't want to be behind the wheel of one of those cars.

Owning a vehicle that oozes style and delivers the speed and performance that matches a driver's needs at any time is certainly a dream for many road users.

However, these vehicles come with a hefty price tag from new so are more often than not well out of what most drivers can afford.

Buying a used prestige vehicle, however, can save drivers a lot of money and mean that they can travel in luxury for much less. At Car Shop, there are a whole host of luxury car brands and models available so that you can take to the road in a vehicle that makes you feel like you rule the road.

BMW 5 Series

BMW has long been around the forefront of the market for elegance, technology and performance and its 5 series cars are the poster children for this offering.

It is the best selling vehicle produced by BMW after the 3 series but is one that drivers are willing to pay plenty more for, as proven by the fact that sales of these cars make up 50 per cent of the German automotive manufacturer's revenue.

The 5 series is now in its sixth generation but it was the fifth generation that became the best selling of its kind.

Drivers have the choice of a saloon or a touring body style. Most models come with a V-8 engine, some even have a V-10, and a number of them are turbocharged so you can enjoy that extra speed and torque.

Audi A4

It seems that the German manufacturers are truly the ones that hold the torch when it comes to executive vehicles and Audi's A4 model is becoming more and more notable as the luxury car of choice.

The A4 was designed to be a compact executive car, hence why it came out of the executive subsidiary of Volkswagen, and is now in its fourth generation.

While the majority of A4 vehicles are front wheel drive, there are a number that are available in all wheel drive. These cars come in saloon and estate form, although the second generation B6 and third generation B7 versions are also available as convertibles.

There are both diesel and petrol versions of the A4 available. Variants of these include the petrol 24v V6, petrol and diesel 16v l4 turbo and the diesel 24 v6 turbo.

Mercedes Benz C Class

Another German brand, Mercedes Benz, is another that has long been recognised as one of the kings of executive vehicles. It is one of those that has been sought after as a brand synonymous with success.

In terms of which Mercedes Benz to go for, if you are looking for functionality and style combined then you cannot go far wrong with a C Class car.

The C Class is another well known compact luxury vehicle and has now been in production for over 20 years. It is now in its third generation and while it was originally sold in saloon and estate form, there have also been coupe models available since 2000.

There are a range of petrol and diesel engines available; the petrol variants range from 1.6 to 5.4 litres while the diesels are between 2.0 and 2.5 litres.

All of these cars can be bought from Car Shop for a lump sum that is generally between £9,000 and £20,000. However, if the car of choice comes with too high a price tag then drivers can rest assured that they may also purchase it on finance.

  • On: 20 June 2014
  • By: CarShop

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