Drivers yet to take up electric cars

Statistics show that a majority of drivers are apprehensive about buying an electric car.

It seems that drivers are continuing to favour cars powered by diesel or petrol rather than electricity.

Approximately 69 per cent of drivers would not consider purchasing an electric vehicle, according to analysis by the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) of statistics from the Department for Transport.

There are a handful of reasons why drivers are apprehensive about taking up the new technology, which is intended to reduce damage done to the environment by cars.

The top three reasons why they reject electric vehicles were to do with recharging, which was cited by 40 per cent of road users, while 39 per cent were concerned about the kind of distance they could travel on a battery and 33 per cent were put off by cost.

Indeed, when it comes to recharging, there is still yet to be more infrastructure put in place to rival that of the fuel pumps available for traditional petrol and diesel cars.

Speaking about the results, chief executive of IAM Simon Best said: “It is clear that the government have a long way to go to convince drivers that electric vehicles really are the future.  On the positive side drivers are not worried about safety or comfort issues, but range anxiety and charging infrastructure remain real stumbling blocks."

At present, statistics show that less than one per cent of drivers already own an electric car, while five per cent said they were considering buying one and 18 per cent said that they had thought about purchasing an electric vehicle but later changed their mind.

Nevertheless, not all drivers were put off by the idea of an electric car and a number of reasons were listed why some may consider getting one. As to what would encourage them to buy such a vehicle, 37 per cent said that lower costs would make a difference while 20 per cent stated that distance travelled would have an effect. Additionally, 17 per cent said widely available recharging points would make a difference while 16 per cent cited environmental reasons.

  • On: 01 July 2014
  • By: CarShop

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