Prepare for traffic during Tour de France

Drivers planning to travel around Yorkshire this weekend will need to plan around road closures for the Tour de France.

The Tour de France will be setting off in the UK this weekend but as well as excitement, it will also bring with it road closures and congestion.

As such, drivers will need to plan their journeys carefully so as not to get caught up in the traffic that will come with the event and make sure that they can reach their destinations.

Delays and road closures can be expected between July 5th and July 7th as the first three stages of the race will be taking place in the UK.

The Grand Depart will start off in Leeds and go through to Harrogate on July 5th. Then on July 6th stage two will commence in York and go through to Sheffield. Finally, stage three will begin in Cambridge on July 7th and travel through to Central London. As a result, drivers should expect road closures in these locations on these days.

Additionally, congestion is expected on nearby roads that are open on these days as many drivers will need to reroute to accommodate for the fact that their usual routes will be closed off. For example, Central London is expected to see a lot of congestion between 10am and 6pm on July 7th due to roads being closed until riders have safely passed through the city and finished the stage.

As well as those who need to make their daily journeys to and from work and people going for drives at the weekend who will be disrupted by the road closures. Those working in freight transport will also suffer as a result of this.

Commenting on the difficulties that will be faced, Freight Transport Association head of policy for the North of England Malcolm Bingham said:

"This important sporting event will undoubtedly bring disruption to the UK road network this weekend, particularly on the Yorkshire legs and then onwards from Cambridge to London on Monday 7 July. The freight industry has been working hard to plan around the road closures to help ensure that deliveries will be made as close to normal as possible."

  • On: 02 July 2014
  • By: CarShop

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