Holidaymakers advised to check tyre pressures

TyreSafe is advising holidaymakers to check their tyre pressure before heading out on a road trip this summer.

Many people will be taking to the roads over the next couple of months for their summer holidays but may find that they are let down if they forget to check the air pressure in their tyres before they leave.

To encourage people to make sure that their air pressure is right before they set off on their travels, not-for-profit organisation TyreSafe has been reminding people how easy it is to check their tyre pressure and what the cost could be if they fail to do so.

It is estimated that around nine million cars in the UK travel with seriously or severely under-inflated tyres. This can lead to tyre failures, with the risk increased considerably during the hot weather and when the car is weighed down with suitcases and other travelling gear.

The reason for this is that, when a tyre is under-inflated, the weight of the vehicle is carried more so on the outer edges of the tyre. In turn, this causes it to overheat and increases the risk of rapid deflation. Chances of this occurring tend to be ramped up when travelling at high speeds on the motorway.

Chairman of TyreSafe Stuart Jackson said: "While many of us will be taking to the roads soon for our summer holidays, it’s important to remember that one very simple check beforehand can prevent many miserable incidents.

“Making sure that your car’s tyres are inflated to the correct pressures before you travel is a very simple task which only takes a few moments but could prove to be the most important and rewarding time you spend this summer.”

As well as checking the air pressure in their tyres, drivers should also check their overall condition. The best option for them is to book in for a free tyre safety at Car Shop, where an expert can look at all their tyres including the spare to make sure they are safe to use and legal. That way, they can also advise you on what new tyres to get if any of them need to be replaced.

  • On: 17 July 2014
  • By: CarShop

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