Great cars for a summer road trip

If you are looking to change your car this summer then you might want to choose something that works well with your holiday plans.

With summer upon us, one of the big things on drivers' minds will be travelling out to explore the country while sitting behind the wheel of their own car. For some, it may be time to change their car anyway and, with these thoughts on their minds, it is only natural that their new choice of vehicle will be influenced by this.

Therefore, what those drivers need is a car that is well suited for a summer road trip but also fairly practical to suit their daily needs.

Luckily, at Car Shop there are a range of makes and models of cars that can suit the daily needs of various types of holidaymaker.

Make sure you have an idea of what you want out of your car for the summer holidays and what it needs to be able to do once you return to the real world. Whether you are looking for style, practicality or adventure.

Here are a few suggestions that might suit you.

BMW 1 Series

Of course the kind of car that is most synonymous with summer road trips has to be the convertible. If you are looking for the feeling of the wind around you as you drive through the countryside, no doubt you will want to look very stylish while doing it. For this reason, the BMW 1 Series can be the perfect choice.

If you are planning a group trip, either with your family or a group of friends, then this vehicle is a pretty convenient size and can comfortably seat four adults.

The body style is similar to that of BMW's coupe but the roof has been replaced with an electrically operated fabric counterpart.

As you might expect from BMW, this car is one that is known for reliability and performance. While it may seem pricey on the outset, it is in an investment that is designed to last.

Fiat 500

Another stylish car with an added convertible feature. However, unlike the BMW 1 Series, this is a car more suited to those with a tighter budget.

The fabric hood of the Fiat 500 is subtle in appearance as it is hemmed in by the sides of the vehicle; the average passerby may not notice that the car is a convertible until they get to take a look at the back of it.

It is a compact vehicle, which makes it a fantastic choice not only for driving around country roads but also for navigating cities. This makes it a great choice for when you have to go back to work and take on a daily commute again.

The car can also seat four people and is great for fuel economy. However, because of its small size, be sure to pack light when going on a trip away.

Land Rover Freelander

Of course, summer holidays are not all about driving around with the top down on your car. For certain types of driver, part of the joy of travelling is getting to have somewhat of an adventure and so they will need to get a car to fulfill this need.

The Land Rover Freelander is a fantastic symbol of adventure for the kind of driver who likes to explore and experience what they can while driving off road. It is a great choice of car not only for experiencing the British countryside but if you want to experience some of the wilder parts of Europe, such as if you want to trek down to the Alps.

It is a spacious vehicle, which means you have plenty of room to store your luggage and can comfortably carry a group of people in your car. On top of that, it has a high ride and great suspension, which lets it handle rugged terrain.

This vehicle means that it is also great for usage in winter, so that if we get hit by a bout of snow and ice then its great traction and great handling on uneven terrain means you should be able to get through it comfortably.

  • On: 23 July 2014
  • By: CarShop

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