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CarShop launches its new uniform

CarShop launches its new uniform

Sophie Kerrou

Sophie Kerrou

  • 07 January, 2020
  • 1 min read

We have launched a new colleague uniform as part of the next phase of the business’ recent introduction of the evolved CarShop branding!

The new range of workwear has been in development since October 2018 and has been designed to encourage colleague engagement, while ensuring everyone feels comfortable at work.

We engaged with team members as part of the design, development and decision-making process, which has helped to introduce features like pockets in all skirts, and scarves, the removal of ties and availability in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

The sleek and modern designs reflect our approachable yet professional approach to selling cars and promote the feeling of pride our amazing colleagues feel as part of the CarShop family.

As part of the refresh, we have removed the business suit-like uniforms, which our research revealed gives off the wrong message to our customers. The ties are out too, as we don’t feel these are a natural fit for a brand like ours that aims to be friendly and approachable.

We are also thrilled to reveal that we have created a bespoke line of maternity wear to ensure all expectant mothers feel comfortable and still part of the team, which is extremely important to us.

Other features of the new uniform include; pockets in all skirts, scarves, removal of ties and a wide range of shapes and sizes.