It's a Honda of a birthday

It's a Honda of a birthday

The well-known car-maker, Honda, turned 70 this year!

Manufacturing equipment like engines for lawnmowers, cars, tractors, water pumps, planes (the HondaJet), power equipment, boats and even a creature called Asimo, Honda are so much more than cars. But, at the end of the day, that’s the part we’re interested in!

Honda’s platinum birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a dive into its past to discover what made Honda a name recognised across the globe.

The beginning - 1948

Honda Motor Co was officially born in 1948 in the city of Hamamatsu, Japan.

It’s first ever product that was designed and engineered in-house only had two wheels – it was the “Dream” D-type motorcycle!

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The first Honda made it across the ocean to be sold in the US in 1968. The Honda N600 was a little smaller than the cars you see today. Put it this way, the 2017 Civic is 4,518mm long, 1799mm wide and 1434mm tall… the N600 is 2,955mm long, 1,295mm wide and 1,345mm tall.


This was the beginning of Honda’s domination of all things engine. The CCVC (or Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion engine) was the first engine able to meet new emissions standards of the U.S Clean Air Act without using a catalytic converter. It was popped in the first ever Civic which started its long reign on the car market in 1974.


Acura is born! We know this is a blog about Honda, but stay with it. Acura was born to become the luxurious outlet for Honda, which meant this was their chance to break into the supercar industry and create the idol that is the NSX.

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Continuing from its emission success in 1972, 1999 was the year the Insight was born. This was the first hybrid ever to be sold in America, and the Honda Insight is still being made today.


In 2009 Honda explored the possibility of a spacious saloon which ran completely on hydrogen - and they suceeded. They engineered the FCX Clarity fuel cell to make it a lot smaller, which meant that using a car everyday with this technology was not in the future, but was possible then.

In 2016, the Clarity Fuel Cell became available to customers in California. They boasted that the Clarity could get a massive 366 miles on one tank of fuel and only took 3-5 minutes to fill up. And the best bit? It only emits water vapour.

And now?

Even though Honda has invested its time in what seems to be everything, it’s still producing great cars that are affordable, reliable and can be seen throughout our showrooms.

Honda Civic

The Civic is the first car that most of us think of when we hear the name Honda, and for good reason! The first generation Honda was built way back in July 1972, and what you see below is how far it has come.

Honda Jazz

This jazzy hatchback has recently undergone a facelift in 2016 to make the entire Honda range a little more streamlined.

Honda CR-V

This Honda is a little taller and has a little more space, making it perfect for small families!

Honda HR-V

This spacious SUV is pretty new to the Honda family, with manufacturing beginning in 2015. But, this car can boast a 5 star NCAP safety rating and tends to come with lots of fitted extras to make your drive a little easier.

Honda Accord

The Honda saloon has a 5* NCAP safety rating, loads of luxurious extras and a bit of space in the back and the boot too.

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