Mini packs explained

Mini packs explained

Mini have a massive range to choose from. With the Mini Convertible for style, the Clubman and Countryman for more room and practicality and the classic Mini Hatchback, you’re spoiled for choice on the market.

You’ll also be surprised how many combinations of gadgets and styles you can get on the market. You may have seen that Minis are listed with the likes of Pepper Packs or Chilli Packs – but what do they mean?

In the simplest terms, the pack that you have on your car consists of all the features that the car has. If you buy a pack, you can get all those features included rather than having to buy them separately.

This blog will tell you what each pack contains. But please note that these apply to the latest models and older models may differ.

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Pepper Pack

WU65YKL 21
Interior of Mini Hatchback with Pepper Pack

The Pepper Pack can be seen as the entry level option. But despite this, you’ll see that used Minis with the Pepper Pack can get around £350 more than the bog-standard model, but this obviously depends on the model of Mini you’re looking at.

There is a balance of both styling and convenience features, this includes:

  • Dual climate control
  • Chrome Line exterior
  • Interior lights pack
  • Mini Excitement Pack (offers analysis based on your driving style and makes suggestions based on feedback)
  • Passenger seat height adjustment
  • Automatic lights and windscreen wipers
  • Sport leather steering wheel
  • Storage compartment pack (Includes a two-part boot floor, lashing eyelets to tie objects down, and a boot net to hold smaller items securely.)

Chili Pack

DS17KTF 21
Interior of Mini Hatchback with Chili Pack

The Chili Pack is the most popular by far. It features everything in the Pepper Pack above along with:

  • 16” Victory Spoke alloy wheels in silver
  • Cloth/leather Diamond upholstery
  • Mini Driving Modes (can change to a sportier drive or more economical one)
  • Multi-function controls for steering wheel (including cruise control)
  • Sports seats for driver and front passenger
  • White indicators (clear lenses in place of orange units)

Depending on the model, Minis with a Chili Pack can get £1,000 more than the standard models.

But be wary that this difference might be a little less on the Cooper S models, as the sport leather steering wheel, sports seats and clear indicators come as standard. Also Cooper S models come with 17” alloys, rather than 16”.

Media Pack XL

OV64RYH 21
Media Pack in a Mini Cooper hatchback

If you’re after a lot of tech, then you should keep an eye out for the Media Pack XL. This pack has a large colour screen, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and Sat Nav too. Plus, you’ll get a front-centre armrest, sport leather steering wheel and multifunction steering wheel controls.

On the used market, the Media Pack XL has a premium of around £300, but you may see it combined with the Chili Pack as they share features. If you’re looking for both, then they have around a £1,450 premium over the standard model.

Driving Assistant Pack

This pack isn’t as common, but it comes with loads of useful features that are worth keeping an eye out for:

  • Active Cruise Control (matches the speed of traffic in front on the motorway whilst cruising)
  • Main beam assistant (automatically dims the headlights whilst in full beam to prevent dazzling oncoming traffic)
  • Rear-end collision warning
  • Traffic sign recognition

On the used market, you’ll likely to see models with this pack carry a premium of around £480.

Parking Assistant Pack

This pack pretty much does what it says! It comes with front and rear parking sensors along with automated park assist which steers the car into a parking space for you.

Used models with this pack carry a premium of around £360.

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