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Tips for driving at night

Tips for driving at night

Saffron Wilson

Saffron Wilson

  • 13 January, 2020
  • 2 min read

The nights are still long and the clocks haven’t gone back yet, so driving in the dark is a must-do for a lot of us.

But driving at night can bring up a whole new set of challenges, so we’ve put a few top-tips together to keep you driving safely in the dark.


Check your lights

Has a bulb blown? Are your headlamps a bit murky? Making sure your lights are all working and doing some basic car maintenance will help you drive in the dark more than you might think!

Keep your windows clean

Trying to peer into the darkness to see the road is already more difficult in the dark, so it’s absolutely essential that you keep your view of the road as clear as possible. Give your windows a wash – all of them – and make sure your washer fluid is topped up too.

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Be careful using your high-beam

Don’t you just hate it when an on-coming car hasn’t taken off their high-beam and you are blinded for a moment? Well, the same works the other way! Make sure your high-beam is turned off as soon as you notice an oncoming car, and only use it when necessary.

Don’t stare at oncoming lights

Although it might be tempting if you see a gorgeous Aston Martin – try not to stare at the oncoming lights of cars to prevent yourself from being dazzled. Instead, glance down a little and to the left and focus on what is directly in front of you.

Dim your inside lights

Some dashboards come with the ability to dim the lights on them, this will help improve your night vision. This is the same for Sat Navs. They usually have a “night” mode on them to help you see the road ahead better without being distracted.

The stuff on you

Get an eye test

Night-time driving becomes a lot easier if you are wearing the right prescription glasses or contacts! Since your vision is reduced in the dark, making sure your eyes are “up to scratch” is important to keep you moving safely.

And if you do have glasses...

Make sure you aren’t wearing dark tinted lenses.

Be vigilant

Cyclists, animals and children are still around on the street when it’s dark – especially if you are going through a town. Slow down, and be more careful when travelling in the dark as you may not notice them until the last minute.

Be prepared

If you’re driving at night a lot, it makes sense to be prepared should the worst happen. Make sure you pack the essentials like warning triangles, and perhaps even a high-visibility vest so other motorists can see you.

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